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  1. North Carolina
  2. NoVa: Wanna meet up Dec 14-17?
  3. Spring in the South and MS to boot
  4. GEORGIA: Driving simulator clinical trial
  5. Orlando:
  6. WANTED: MD running partner
  7. WASHINGTON DC: Jumpstart Your Relationship, March 26 & 27
  8. Georgia: Walk Ms
  9. ATLANTA: World Congress on Disabilities Conference (Sep 23-34)
  10. TAMPA: Ask the MS Nurse (Oct 1)
  11. Washington, DC: Therapeutic Yoga Weekly Class
  12. SILVER SPRING, MD: Dream dinners (Nov 18)
  13. BALTIMORE, MD: Johns Hopkins MS Center Expert Panel Discussion on MS (Nov 29)
  14. MIAMI: Patient Education Program (Jan 26)
  15. D.C. AREA: New MS self help group focused on exercise starting in DC area in October
  16. MIAMI, FL: 2012 MS Symposium - The Neurological Aspects of MS (Nov 10)
  17. BOCA RATON, FL: Patient Education Program (Dec 18)
  18. ATLANTA: Living Your Best Life with MS, Successful Strategies for a Healthy Lifestyle
  19. Orlando
  20. BALTIMORE: A Closer Look at the African American Community and MS (SEP 28)
  21. ORLANDO: Bridging the Communication Gap Between Parents with MS & their Kids (Nov 23)
  22. BOCA RATON, FL: Charting Your Treatment Course (JAN 29)
  23. TAMPA, FL: Living Your Best with MS: Strategies for a Healthy Lifestyle (Mar 10)
  24. Walk/Run in DC
  25. Roanoke Valley MS Support Group Meeting
  26. ATLANTA: MS Family Education Day
  27. JACKSONVILLE, FL: Adherence Matters: Are You Taking MS Meds the Way You Should Be?
  28. ATLANTA: MSers needed for educational videos (ASAP)
  29. TAMPA BAY: MS 101: Conversations for the Newly Diagnosed (Jan 15)
  30. BALTIMORE: A Day for Families Living with MS (Mar 14)
  31. ATLANTA: MS Education Conference 2015 (Nov 21)
  32. McCLEAN, VA: Research Advances in MS (Jan 6)
  33. AUGUSTA, GA: MS Family Day (Jun 11)
  34. MIAMI: MS Open Forum (Jun 24)
  35. Savannah, GA: Hot Topics in MS (Jul 9)
  36. BALTIMORE, MD: Finding a Purpose in Life (Jul 27)
  37. orlando ms'ers
  38. ALPHARETTA, GA: MS Adaptive Yoga (Nov 29)
  39. OCALA, FL: MS Therapeutic Horseback Riding (Ongoing)
  40. ORMOND BEACH, FL: Yoga, T'ai Chi, Water Exercise and More (Ongoing)
  41. CHARLOTTE, NC: Hot Topics in MS—Finding a Purpose in Life (Jan 30)
  42. FT LAUDERDALE, FL: MS Mind & Mobility (Mar 12)
  43. ATLANTA: Take Charge Program by CAN DO MS (Aug 4-6)
  44. ATLANTA: Understanding Your Rights as an Employee with MS (Jul 8)
  45. WEST VIRGINIA: Weekend Escape at Smith Mtn Lake (Sep 8-10)
  46. TAMPA, FL: Understanding MS Progression: The Role of the MRI (Jul 26)
  47. JACKSONVILLE, FL: Understanding Your Rights as an Employee with MS (Dec 19)
  48. WILMINGTON, NC: Understanding Progression in Multiple Sclerosis (Jan 20)
  49. SAVANNAH, GA: Balance, Living Well with MS (Feb 8)
  50. RICHMOND, VA: Understanding Your Rights as an Employee with MS (Mar 3)
  51. ORLANDO: The Role of the MRI in the Treatment and Management of MS (Mar 10)
  52. BALTIMORE, MD: Brain Preservation & Cognition (Mar 21)
  53. ATLANTA, GA: Healthy Living with Primary Progressive MS (Mar 26)
  55. ATLANTA, GA: MS Minority Research Engagement Partnership Network (May 8)
  56. CHARLOTTE, NC: Understanding MS Progression (Jun 30)
  57. AUGUSTA, GA: MS Family Day (Sep 15)
  58. ATLANTA, GA: Women and MS: A Health and Wellness Education Summit Series (Oct 24)
  59. ATLANTA, GA: Can Do MS Program application opens Dec 5 (May 15-18)
  60. RICHMOND, VA: The Newest Innovative Technologies, Tools & Strategies in MS (Jan 12)
  61. SAVANNAH, GA: MS Journey: Managing Your MS Through the Years (Feb 7)
  62. TAMPA BAY, FL: International Association of MS Nurses presents Voices Will Be Heard
  63. ATLANTA: The Many Faces of MS - Exploring Divers (Jun 5)ity within Multiple Sclerosis
  64. CHEVY CHASE, MD: Movement for MS (Mondays, ongoing))
  65. BALTIMORE, MD: MS Day Program–Improving Lives of Adults with MS (daily M-Th, ongoing)
  66. TALLAHASSEE, FL: The Importance of Taking a Comprehensive Care Approach in MS (Dec 4)
  67. MIAMI: MS and the Family: Working Towards a Healthy Lifestyle with MS (Nov 14)
  68. BALTIMORE, MD: Johns Hopkins—MS Patient Summit (Dec 7)
  69. CHAPEL HILL, NC: Free From Falls Series (Mar 3-31)
  70. FAIRFAX, VA: Adaptive Yoga (Tues, ongoing)