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  1. Hey Y'all
  2. Houston MS150 thanks
  3. September 18th El Paso: 8 Hours to a Lifetime of Relationship Satisfaction
  4. GRAPEVINE, TX: Resolution Solution (FEB 4)
  5. ARLINGTON, TX: Practical Ways To Turn Resolutions Into A Healthy Reality (FEB 11)
  6. HOUSTON, TX: Get Real: Program for Men Only (JUNE 16)
  7. CORPUS CHRISTI, TX: New and emerging therapies (June 28)
  8. AUSTIN , TX: Live Stress Free (JULY 9)
  9. MS Rockstars at Rock 'n' Roll Arizona
  10. Baton Rouge, LA: "How to S.E.A.R.C.H. for the Right MS Therapy for You!" (Jan 17)
  11. Metairie, LA: Patient Education Program (JUNE 21)
  12. HOUSTON TO AUSTIN: 2013 BP150 Bike Ride (Apr 20-21)
  13. MS Kayaking Group
  14. TEXAS: RISE Adaptive Sports helps those with MS with free programs
  15. LONE WOLF, OK: MSAA Women's Retreat (Aug 9-11)
  16. ARLINGTON, TX: 24/7/365—How to Manage it All (Feb 17)
  17. IRVING, TX: 24/7/365—How to Manage It All
  18. BATON ROUGE, LA: The Holidays: Keeping Energy & Spirits Up & Relapses Down! (DEC 11)
  19. HAMMOND, LA: New Support Group! (Nov 14 Launch)
  20. DALLAS, TX: Strategies for Care Partners (May 10)
  21. LITTLE ROCK, AR: How to Manage it All, Tips for Patients & Care Partners (Aug 26)
  22. DALLAS, TX: Newest Innovation Technologies, Tools, Strategies to Help MS (Sep 14)
  23. GRANDVIEW, TX: 2016 Cattle Drive! (Sep 22-25)
  24. HOUSTON, TX: Newest Innovation Technologies, Tools & Strategies in MS (Sep 29)
  25. NEW ORLEANS: Hot topics in MS (Oct 10)
  26. BOSSIER CITY, LA: Hot Topics in MS (Nov 17)
  27. HOUSTON, TX: Exercisers Needed for MS Fit Project! (Ongoing)
  28. ARGYLE, TX: MS Women's Retreat (Dec 2-4)
  29. DECATUR, TX: Revlimiter Extreme: A Race for a Cause (Jan 14-15)
  30. FORT WORTH, TX: How to Maintain a Loving Relationship & Deal w/ Life Change (Feb 27)
  31. FORT WORTH, TX: Understanding Your Rights as a Employee (Mar 23)
  32. HOUSTON, TX: Leading MS specialist (my HSCT trial doc!) speaking (Apr 19)
  33. EL PASO, TX: Resilience: Addressing the Challenges of MS (Jun 17)
  34. FORT WORTH, TX: Feeling Good About Saying No—Set Boundaries that Love U Back (Jun 15)
  35. DALLAS: Exclusive Project 13 MS Training for Marathon
  36. Hurricane/Disaster Relief for MSers
  37. AUSTIN, TX: Understanding Progression in Multiple Sclerosis (Nov 9)
  38. TEXAS: Ironman Texas 70.3 Training for MSers with Project 13 (Dec 31 deadline)
  39. AUSTIN, TX: The Role of the MRI in the Treatment and Management of MS (Feb 6)
  40. NEW ORLEANS: Understanding MS Progression: Importance of Treatment Adherence (Jun 21)
  41. DALLAS, TX: MS Cognitive Group: Memory and Attention (Aug)
  43. NEW ORLEANS: Can Do MS Jumpstart (Aug 18)
  44. HOUSTON, TX: A Better Understanding of MS Within the Hispanic Community (Jan 16)
  45. ARLINGTON, TX: A Better Understanding of MS within the Hispanic Community (Jan 30)
  46. LUBBOCK, TX: A Better Understanding of MS within the Hispanic Community (Feb 27)
  47. HOUSTON: Me, live!!! (Mar 11)
  48. LUBBOCK, TX: Don't MS with West Texas: Building Your MS Game Plan (Apr 13)
  49. HOUSTON, TX: Relationship Matters (May 18)
  50. AUSTIN: Understanding Your Rights as an Employee with MS (Jun 12)
  51. FAYETTEVILLE, AR: MS Pilates Class (Saturdays)
  52. OKLAHOMA CITY: Adaptive Yoga for MS (Tues, Ongoing)
  53. Free Cooling Vest Houston Area
  54. HOUSTON, TX: Research Mythbusting: Addressing Common Misconceptions (Oct 5)
  55. OKLAHOMA CITY: MS & the Family: Spotlighting MS Care Partner Needs (Oct 16)