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  1. Blown ACL? Ugh, my first injury related to MS
  2. Active MSer? Introduce Yourself Here!
  3. So happy to have found "this place"
  4. Hello to new friends
  5. MS location
  6. Hello All!
  7. Great idea!
  8. what kind(s) of meds do you use?
  9. Warning: freeze your meds and your syringes may shatter in the auto inject!
  10. Staying positive...
  11. Photography
  12. Challenge: How fast is your reaction time?
  13. Grass-feed livestock
  14. Mountain climber with MS tackles tallest peaks in the world (video)
  15. New MS blog by Kimberly
  16. This forum does not bite!
  17. Your Stories: Marathoner keeps running
  18. Caffeine, could it help with MS?
  19. Seen the latest news on Tysabri?
  20. MS quiz from the BBC, can you get a perfect score?
  21. First copaxone shot tomorrow...
  22. Official "I'm having trouble falling asleep" thread
  23. Learning Your Limits
  24. Forgetting injection
  25. Your best Olympic event (and worst)?
  26. August 31, Worldwide 10K, R U In? Mean sister says I am!
  27. Optic Neuritis
  28. Please join me in expressing gratitude to Michael Berry (New Mexico Bike MS fatality)
  29. Coming out to readers of my car magazine, input requested
  30. Building Your Future webcast coming to a computer near you! (9-16-08)
  31. What do you say...
  32. Boston Marathon
  33. Risks of driving with MS examined
  34. Study: Vitamin B12 prevents brain shrinkage?
  35. Best time of year to take a vacation?
  36. Measure the age of your brain
  37. Anybody else?
  38. Snowboarding...
  39. Drug may reverse MS brain damage, but with risks
  40. Another case of PML for Tysabri
  41. Customized travel for those with disabilities
  42. ankle foot orthosis
  43. I have a question for you active people with MS :)
  44. New with creatine question
  45. Another Networking Option
  46. Gotta go NOW? New FDA-approved gel on the way
  47. Lancet study on stem cell transplants for MS promising
  48. Went biking ... on a high wire today!
  49. If you could be "cured" of one symptom, which one would you choose?
  50. Oral drug near approval results in 58% reduction in relapses
  51. How do you deal with muscle spasms?
  52. New drug helps MSers walk better, and not just for RRMS patients
  53. Anyone wearing orange for MS Awareness Week?
  54. Using technology to live better with MS
  55. a Wave of Awareness for MS
  56. A blunt discussion: how I failed to drop the "kids" off at the pool. Yikes!
  57. Disability insurance may still be a viable option; some advice
  58. Woohoo, MS is good for us! (Well, new research says we have a lower risk of cancer.)
  59. New preliminary study shows stem cells from fat tissue promising for MS
  60. Held up at gunpoint last weekend... by Storm Troopers!
  61. Muscle damage from injections?
  62. I need you to CHIME in or my wife will win this debate.
  63. Advice Needed for the Newly Diagnosed
  64. Sometimes I wish I was a pregnant woman
  65. All new Your Stories: Ashlea Deahl Keeps Moving
  66. Skipping shots? You might want to think twice says study
  67. Do you tell your boss you have MS?
  68. Backpacking with DMDs?
  69. $100 from 100 donors in 100 days
  70. Today I Shaved My Head
  71. “Your Drugs Aren’t Working”
  72. Awesome, awesome ride!
  73. Just want to share a funny MS poem
  74. First bike ride in years!
  75. Pros and Cons of Copaxone
  76. Active and ... in denial?
  77. Overseas travel: Best trips to take for MSers!
  78. opps...
  79. Planning a trip to Ontario with my friends….!!
  80. Brain Exercise: Are you as smart as a Chinese 2nd grader?
  81. Reflexology: a viable treatment option ... or sham?
  82. is it just me??
  83. My first official MS fall, gack
  84. Study: Men officially cads, 6X more likely to divorce wife with MS than vice versa
  85. 84 year-old bikes 150 miles for MS ... in a dress & heels ... on a single speed!
  86. UPDATE: Reduce spasticity one puff at a time? New research confirms weed benefit
  87. Your WORST travel pet peeves
  88. Any 'horsey' ms'ers out there?
  89. Blockage in veins that drain the brain?
  90. Promising Results In First Blinded Study Of Venous Insufficiency Prevalence In MS
  91. Add-On Daclizumab Treatment May Be Better In Reducing Multiple Sclerosis
  92. From barely walking... to Ironman
  93. Copaxone(R) 15-Year Study In Multiple Sclerosis Patients Demonstrates....
  94. Italian Researchers Discover A Possible Onset Mechanism For Multiple Sclerosis
  95. Low dose naltrexone (LDN) study released, results mixed
  96. Sweet MSer killed by assassins on TV show!?
  97. Have you had "AHA" moments?
  98. Pimpin' the MS cause in Motor Trend (they even ran a photo of me getting Tysabri)
  99. back pain and ms
  100. What if LeBron James has multiple sclerosis?
  101. Stem cell therapies in MS: current status of research, FAQ, and more
  102. 67% divorce rate for MSers found in study may be misleading
  103. MS Newbie Needs Advice on the Disease Modifying Drugs
  104. Exercise may have neuroprotective effect, as may moderate alcohol intake (cheers!)
  105. Super Walmart Mobility Scale for MSers--rate yourself today!
  106. BLOG: Oh Snap! Broken Leg a "Patient" Reminder (ENCORE)
  107. Shrinkage: a brilliant reason to stay (or get) on therapy
  108. With MS should I be exercising
  109. NY Times takes on CCSVI topic, "Outcry for Unproved Treatment"
  110. Independence Day, my ass
  111. New SPMS, PPMS treatment (but old drug) highly promising
  112. Meow or ruff: Do you have a pet?
  113. MRIs: Do you know how many lesions you have?
  114. Desperately seeking photos of HOPE (deadline August 17)
  115. Red, Red Wine
  116. Meditation may improve concentration; anyone here meditate?
  117. Harry Potter, MS, and $15.4 million
  118. Is your MS more active in the spring and summer? Now there's proof!
  119. Does PT help with motor control?
  120. First oral drug approved by FDA; Gilenya to be in pharmacies shortly
  121. Walkin' vs. ridin'
  122. Does this website increase physical activity? (A research study says yes!)
  123. STUDY: Abdominal massage alleviates constipation in MSers
  124. Female volunteers needed for estrogen/Copaxone clinical trial
  125. Did I lie to get my handicap parking placard?
  126. Scared...
  127. New drug approved for uncontrollable laughing and crying
  128. "At least you don't have cancer" and other odd things people say when you have MS
  129. MS Pillow Talk Teleconference Dec 8
  130. Rocky Mountain MS Center acknowledges the value of exercise
  131. OMG, I don't believe what I just did...
  132. YOUR STORIES: Hiking the 25-mile Inca Trail
  133. Should our CONNECT forum be discontinued?
  134. Got the flu? Study says chances of relapse high
  135. If you take Copaxone or Betaseron, DON'T use your alcohol swabs
  136. Is this a big deal?
  137. Soccer player with MS taken high in MLS draft
  138. New treadmill or old manual treadmill?
  139. using acthar
  140. MS in the Middle East
  141. On-Line Course on Self-Employment for Individuals with Disabilities
  142. MS Society annual meeting to feature my SCT MS doc from Houston!
  143. MS Fatigue: Does rehab make it better... or worse?
  144. BLOG: Keeping your New Year's resolutions
  145. What came first?
  146. Depression in MS—it might be physically unavoidable
  147. Which MSers want to hike up what inspired America the beautiful....on July 4?
  148. Take your shots in the a.m., even interferons, says study
  149. *REVISED* Video of Hope... to be shown to CONGRESS!?!?
  150. Thinking of switching meds? Beware the piranha (BLOG ENCORE, actual pic added!)
  151. Does warm weather mess with your brain?
  152. *ABRIDGED* Video of Hope in film festival. I need your vote by March 8!
  153. I wrote my Senators (and cc'ed the Prez)
  154. FDA rejects Oral Cladribine for MS
  155. MSers must make the BEST decisions
  156. STUDY: Intellectual enrichment lessens effect of brain atrophy on learning/memory
  157. Weighing MS treatments and OMG INSANE RISK!
  158. Best music to motivate you to MOVE?
  159. MSFriends Telephone-based Peer Connection Program
  160. Medical Mary Jane bad for MSers?
  161. Calling all rock climbers and mountaineers
  162. Gilenya and VO2max, exercise tolerance
  163. STUDY: Exercise improves MSers' gait, motor function, mood, quality of life, more
  164. Heading for Everest Base Camp!
  165. Diet
  166. AAN Conference: Breast feeding may prevent relapses
  167. Hot Baths Anyone?
  168. To medicate or not to medicate?
  169. Herbs & Nutritional Supplements
  170. Accutane & MS - Connection?
  171. NIH launches complimentary alternative medicine (CAM) website
  172. Tysabri risk of PML may decline after year 3
  173. BLOG: The BEST Place to Live (If You Have MS) ENCORE
  174. Ban lifted on funding embryonic stem cell research
  175. The Royal Wedding
  176. Sticky blood
  177. STUDY: Ginkgo Biloba, statins fail to help in MS
  178. Upcoming MS studies focusing on exercise
  179. Caffeine - to drink or not to drink
  180. Had to share this with you guys (campath successes)
  181. Dude, it's about your latitude (even in Latin America)
  182. Dramatic MS billboards a shocker
  183. BLOG: Supplements—A Cautionary Tale
  184. Lets discuss CCSVI shall we?
  185. Viagra reduces MS symptoms?
  186. New Oral Ms Meds
  187. Best Bet Treatment For Ms
  188. After kickback scandal, is taking Rebif tainted?
  189. which injectable?
  190. African American? Low Vitamin D a link in MS
  191. Informative YouTube Videos
  192. Does stress cause MS? Study says no
  193. How much do you move? Science says do it MORE.
  194. A riddle for your brain: There are three light switches....
  195. 785 million people are significantly disabled
  196. Are we that gullible?
  197. Australian MS blog I recommend
  198. "You Look Great" and Other Lies
  199. MS in Haikus
  200. Linolenic Acid
  201. Cinnamon
  202. YOUR STORIES: Black Belt Quest
  203. Merk pulls oral MS drug cladribine
  204. MSers find strength in numbers
  205. STUDY: A "shocking" way to decrease fatigue
  206. ActiveMSers Announcement: NEW Blog
  207. STUDY: Hispanics in US with MS
  208. Members Only forum has launched!
  209. Group of MS and Parkinson's Sufferers Summit Mount Kilimanjaro
  210. STUDY: Breast feeding does not stop MS relapses
  211. Any RVer's out there?
  212. Would you go down these steps??? (Encore Blog)
  213. Commentary: Cost/benefit of DMDs
  214. STUDY: Poor Bone Health May Start Early in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
  215. STUDY: Does magnet therapy work in MS?
  216. Updated newsletter & welcome series launched!
  217. BLOG: What it's like—numb hands
  218. Exercising during a relapse
  219. Can anyone tell me what to expect at a neuro-opthamologist appt?
  220. STUDY: Ginseng for fatigue in MS... FAIL
  221. 29 new genes linked to MS
  222. BLOG: The inevitable case ... of the worst case scenario (Blog Encore)
  223. New video of hope in the works
  224. Teva's Copaxone replacement falls short
  225. New Genes Confirm Immune System 'Intimately' Involved in MS, CCSVI Link Tenuous
  226. STUDY: MS Treatment Adherence—How to Keep Patients on Medication?
  227. BLOG: Going drug free, the flawed arguments
  228. STUDY: Benign MS usually isn't that benign
  229. FDA approves Botox to treat specific form of urinary incontinence
  230. STUDY: Do you have cog fog? "Yes" might mean "not really," and "no" means "maybe"
  231. Help spread hope. Spread hope like fire.
  232. STUDY: Does vitamin D3 prevent bone loss in MS?
  233. BLOG: Staring a multiple sclerosis relapse in the face... and blinking (Blog Encore)
  234. BLOG: Life can be unfair with or without MS
  235. Often undiagnosed complications of MS: Depression and cognitive impairment
  236. Tysabri "rebound" effect when stopping the drug?
  237. Little Scare
  238. STUDY: Can heat cause "cog fog"?
  239. All *new* newsletter releasing tomorrow
  240. BLOG: Rewriting the rules of tennis ... MS style (Blog Encore)
  241. Do you like your neuro? Study says you better
  242. MS thriver runs 50 marathons in 50 states
  243. 4 Cups Of Coffee
  244. Poor bone health may start early in people with multiple sclerosis
  245. Member travel tip: request a sharps container
  246. STUDY: Sun exposure may slow disability in MS
  247. STUDY: Sex definitely matters in MS
  248. STUDY: Time of day makes no difference when testing walking ability of MSers
  249. New Oral Drug Reduces Relapse Rate in Patients With Multiple Sclerosis
  250. Just published travel tips for the disabled plus web links