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  1. Best time of day to exercise?
  2. personal trainer
  3. easing back into fitness
  4. wheelchair sports anyone?
  5. Salsa, a spicy dance ... and good exercise
  6. Getting back in shape...
  7. Massage?
  8. Sailing, Anyone
  9. Exercise helps fatigue, quality of life, in multiple sclerosis says study
  10. Does your body just not react sometimes?
  11. Stretching Poll
  12. Exercise may fight brain atrophy, boost memory
  13. DFL in a 5K walk! Did I really suck that bad?
  14. Half marathon this weekend
  15. Awesome Bike Ride Today
  16. Improve your attention span
  17. Marathon
  18. Started Racing gain
  19. Who here bikes?
  20. MS expert: (very) straight talk on how to get started exercising
  21. How do you cope with stress?
  22. buzzing/vibrating sensation
  23. Anyone else...
  24. High HDL cholesterol (the good kind) may lessen disability in MS
  25. Tennis tricks if you have vision issues
  26. Seizing the moment ... on a snowboard
  27. started again--- pain!!!
  28. Exercising while relapsing?
  29. Remyelination possible with juggling?
  30. Road Bike!
  31. Trip/Race/Event Reports?
  32. Five Days in the Wilderness
  33. Crank up the music!
  34. Brain pushups: can you match colors and forget words?
  35. "Exercise helps brains bounce back"
  36. Not working up a sweat? There might be a good (scientific) reason...
  37. My awesome (until the end anyway) trike ride
  38. Resistance training improves muscle strength and functional capacity in MS
  39. Any suggestions on proper layering mw clothes?
  40. 2010 Bike Ms Ride
  41. Do you floss every day?
  42. NEW STUDY: Being highly fit (aerobically) helps protect the brain in MSers big time
  43. Managing heat on a bike
  44. Back to the Gym
  45. Migraine More Common In Women With MS
  46. Help!!! I'm getting leg cramps!!!
  47. STUDY: Moderate exercise + computer use may reduce cognitive impairment
  48. Feeling so miserable that you think you couldn't possibly exercise? You're wrong.
  49. Can I Start Biking Now?
  50. Hand cycling
  51. Running with bilateral foot drop
  52. STUDY: Intermittent Exercise Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients
  53. Do you live in one of America's laziest states?
  54. Benefits of exercise after-burn may change the way you exercise
  55. Believe It or Not, It Happened On a Bike
  56. STUDY: Muscle fiber size increases following resistance training in MS
  57. STUDY: The effect of core stability training on balance and mobility in MS
  58. An EPIC MS150 tale
  59. The Stuff I Think About While on the .....
  60. PT advice on starting exercise
  61. Importance of balance training—is it part of your workout?
  62. Physiotherapy, Wii Balance Board May Correct Balance and Prevent Falls in MS
  63. My favorite Sports Medicine Journal
  64. Exercise benefits the MS brain says new study
  65. Happy New Year
  66. Bike MS 2011?
  67. MSers In Training 2011
  68. Olympian gets MS, will attempt "world's toughest" bike ride: 3,000 miles
  69. Stretch before running?
  70. Most essential part of the core, according to MS and PT expert
  71. Hello
  72. What Type Running Shoe?
  73. AAN Conference: Past aerobic exercise (pre MS) prevents brain atrophy once diagnosed
  74. AAN Conference: At-Home Exercise Builds Muscle in MS Patients
  75. Have you guys ever done WII "Just Dance"?
  76. Cold bath anyone?
  77. Training with MS for Half Marathon in June
  78. LA Times: Exercise Boosts QOL; Yoga, Pilates & Poolwork Helpful (Web Chat 5/2)
  79. The Mind And The Marathon
  80. GeoCashing
  81. STUDY: Kickboxing helps MSers with balance, mobility
  82. Chair yoga, initial thoughts
  83. What's the single best exercise? Whoa.
  84. STUDY: Progressive resistance training did not improve walking but...
  85. Cognitive dysfunction and MS: the efficacy of exercise training
  86. Cycling Applications
  87. STUDY: MS relapses not associated with exercise
  88. STUDY: Does Vigorous Exercise Have A Neuroprotective Effect?
  89. Motivation
  90. Caffeine for stamina
  91. Tennis anyone???????
  92. Tracking daily steps
  93. Riding an adult tricycle—doing anything we can do
  94. Just signed up for adaptive ski
  95. Fellow active MSer (Mary from OK) on TV for BikeMS!
  96. Physical activity and fatigue—what does this mean for exercise?
  97. Hand Stability Ideas Needed
  98. STUDY: Specific resistance training yields big gains in strength of MSers
  99. STUDY: Balance treatments in MS subjects—effects of physical therapy
  100. STUDY: Exercise therapy makes significant impact for those moderately affected by MS
  101. Ironman anyone?
  102. 2011 Ironman Cozumel Race Report
  103. STUDY: Hurdles when restarting exercise after MS diagnosis
  104. STUDY: Aerobic exercise DECREASES fatigue in MS
  105. Walk faster than the Grim Reaper: 3 mph
  106. STUDY: Exercise training helps with motor weakness, spasticity, gait, fatigue, more
  107. Bike MS 2012
  108. STUDY: Perceived benefits of physical activity for adults with MS
  109. STUDY: Exercise and quality of life in MS
  110. Kelly racing January 29 in the 3M Half Marathon
  111. Kelly wins 3M Half Marathon, sets PR! First out of 2,834 females
  112. Adaptive Ski DAY 1: the good, the bad and the...
  113. STUDY: Multiple sclerosis relapses are not associated with exercise
  114. Low Impact Aerobics Question
  115. Adaptive Ski DAY 2: Powder and potatoes
  116. I Run to Stop MS
  117. Great day
  118. Raw food
  119. Doc Q&A video on exercise and MS
  120. Attitude/Kick in the Butt
  121. Adaptive Ski DAYS 3 & 4: Progress and pain
  122. Yoga instructor with MS infuses positive attitude
  123. Overheating while running
  124. My First (and maybe only) Half Marathon?
  125. Tip: Do your Kegels! Yes, those Kegels (correct links)
  126. Yoga for MS deconstructed
  127. STUDY: Vibration plate exercise program significantly improves muscle strength
  128. Dance and MS
  129. Tri-ing to keep training
  130. STUDY: 6-week balance and eye movement-focused exercise program a benefit
  131. Check out the video of me adaptive skiing
  132. requesting accommondations
  133. STUDY: Multiple sclerosis and progressive resistance training: a systematic review
  134. The pains of a 3-week break, lessons learned
  135. Help Needed! Seeking your training stories
  136. Trying to break into wheelchair racing
  137. NMSS Internet Radio Show: Fitness for LIFE!
  138. I am now known as .. "Mike on A Bike" !
  139. STUDY: Does the Wii video game help with balance? Hmm
  140. Lumosity brain game savings
  141. Multiple sclerosis and progressive resistance training: a systematic review
  142. Pilates
  143. Race Report Ironman Lake Placid
  144. STUDY: Physical Activity in Multiple Sclerosis: A Comparative Study...
  145. CrossFitters?
  146. Pain reduction from physical exercise
  147. STUDY: Training in MS, influence of two endurance training protocols (water vs land)
  148. Ok, all you non-extreme active MSers!
  149. Finished bike MS in NC
  150. Boston Marathon anyone know anyone?
  151. Sports Physiology
  152. Dancing for exercise?
  153. Iditarod training in Alaska
  154. STUDY: Comparison of different endurance trainings in advanced MS patients
  155. Go get 'em Kelly!
  156. MS and contact sports
  157. STUDY: Variation of muscle power after twelve weeks of resistance training in MS
  158. Tremors after exercise?
  159. Exercise May Trump Mental Activity in Protecting Against Brain Shrinkage
  160. STUDY: Effects of different physical activities on the walking capacity for MSers
  161. STUDY: Rehabilitation training on bicycle ergometer at home on fatigue in MS
  162. STUDY: Impact of yoga on the quality of life of patients with MS
  163. STUDY: Exercise (aerobic, resistance, yoga) helps MSers a lot... but there's a catch
  164. Ironman Cozumel 2012 race report
  165. STUDY: Heat sensitive persons with MS are more tolerant to resistance exercise
  166. STUDY: Depression and physical activity among adults with multiple sclerosis
  167. STUDY: Effects of 24 weeks progressive resistance training vs core and stability work
  168. OK to Ski? Any sports not good for MSers?
  169. MS'ers Training in 2013
  170. Foot Drop While Running?
  171. STUDY: The relationship between upper leg muscle strength and walking capacity in MS
  172. Do the brain benefits of exercise last?
  173. STUDY: The effect of Nintendo® Wii® on balance in people with MS
  174. RECRUITING: Trial of a teleconference fatigue management plus physical activity in MS
  175. Strengthening my lower lumbar
  176. exercise routine
  177. Scuba Diving?
  178. STUDY: Exercise barriers and preferences among women and men with MS
  179. Popular Video Dancing Game May Reduce Cognitive, Physical Impacts of MS
  180. Average number of steps per day for men, women
  181. DISCUSSION: Heat sensitivity and exercise
  182. Equine Sports
  183. STUDY: Neural drive increases following resistance training in patients with MS
  184. STUDY: Aerobic Exercise Increases Hippocampal Volume and Improves Memory in MSers
  185. inspiring story - running across the Sahara
  186. The Pilates Therapist
  187. Running
  188. The fatigue factor
  189. MS DMDs and Jogging
  190. Diving
  191. STUDY: Retrieval practice is a robust memory aid for memory-impaired patients with MS
  192. Bionx - Pedelec - electric bike
  193. leg control help?
  194. RECRUITING: The role of exercise in modifying outcomes for MSer, a randomized trial
  195. Training advice - Mountain climbing
  196. Framing the Question
  197. The Center For Adapted Sports, Fitness & Recreation
  198. Exercise suggestions, please?
  199. Weight training.
  200. STUDY: The effects of pilates on balance, mobility and strength in patients with MS
  201. STUDY: Pilates for MSers use a wheelchair: feasibility, efficacy and experiences
  202. Hiking anyone?
  203. STUDY: Trial of a behavioral intervention targeting symptoms and physical activity
  204. Ironman 70.3 World Championships
  205. STUDY: Endurance training is feasible in severely disabled patients w/progressive MS
  206. STUDY: State-of-the-art exercise therapy in MS, does it slow progession?
  207. DISCUSSION: Fewer than 20% of persons with MS engage in sufficient physical activity
  208. Recumbent Trikes in NYC
  209. STUDY: Impact of high intensity exercise on endurance capacity, muscle strength in MS
  210. STUDY: Does exercise improve cognitive functions in multiple sclerosis? (2 Findings)
  211. Walking
  212. STUDY: Physical exercise in MS-related fatigue: changes in gene expression profile
  213. STUDY: A novel approach to low level resistance training in MS
  214. firebellz
  215. STUDY: Effects of exercise on fitness and cognition in progressive MS
  216. What's your fitness age with your MS? Calculate it!
  217. Exercise question?
  218. BLOG: Managing MS Endurance
  219. STUDY: Effects of a balance program focusing on core stability exercises in MS
  220. first phase done.
  221. STUDY: Randomized controlled trial of physical activity, cognition, and walking in MS
  222. Running a Half Marathon on NYE!
  223. Swim Fins
  224. MSers Training in 2014
  225. STUDY: Home-Based Balance Training Using the Wii Balance Board
  226. WEBINAR: Get Fit, Stay Fit & Exercise with MS (Mar 11, 8 pm EST)
  227. STUDY: Pragmatic intervention for increasing self-directed exercise behaviour in MS
  228. Redcord
  229. ARTICLE: Exercise can alleviate fatigue caused by multiple sclerosis, researchers say
  230. STUDY: Effects of resistance training program & subsequent detraining for MSers
  231. Researchers debate progressive resistance therapy as an MS rehab tool
  232. Exercise video from MSAA
  233. Preparing to get back in the saddle (or recumbent seat as the case may be)
  234. Hip pain
  235. STUDY ANALYSIS: The benefits of exercise in progressive MS—some cautious optimism
  236. Triathlon transition
  237. STUDY: Physical activity and its influence on inflammation in MS, an analysis
  238. How much is too much?
  239. Running and heat?
  240. STUDY: Improvement Of Gait Following Walking Based Long-Term Aerobic Exercise
  241. STUDY: The Effects of Salsa Dance on Gait and Balance in Multiple Sclerosis
  242. STUDY: Short-Term Effect of Aerobic Exercise on Symptoms in MS and CFS
  243. STUDY: The safety of exercise training in multiple sclerosis: A systematic review
  244. STUDY: Physical fitness, cognitive function and disability in MS
  245. Equestrian in Florida...hot!
  246. STUDY: Pragmatic intervention for increasing self-directed exercise behavior in MS
  247. STUDY: Cost effectiveness of a pragmatic exercise intervention for MSers
  248. Lifestyle physical activity in persons with MS: Doable or wishful thinking?
  249. To the moon.
  250. Preaching to the choir...