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  1. Just tested cooler/freezer for the car
  2. Nordic Poles vs. Trekking Poles
  3. Cooling vest rocked in Galapagos
  4. Full Engel portable freezer review posted
  5. Interesting cooling study involving MS
  6. How to properly fit and use a cane
  7. US sports scientists research best cooling vest for Olympians
  8. Device restores mobility, helps foot drop
  9. Heart rate monitor a useful tool
  10. Tandem bikes
  11. Automotive manufacturers that offer "mobility aid" rebates
  12. Cool shoes for leg brace wearers
  13. WalkAide "friggin awesome!"
  14. Trike for sale at Costco, good for casual rides, shopping
  15. Adapting a vehicle
  16. Handheld Toys?
  17. H20 Sports!
  18. Need cooling vest advice
  19. Kafka Kool Tie Review
  20. Universal design study, participants needed for survey
  21. Needle clipper recommendation wrong
  22. Keep your feet on the pedals with Power Grips
  23. New latex mattresses to help you sleep cooler, drier
  24. Hand control recommendations for vehicles
  25. New iPhone, Touch app for MSers
  26. New cooling vest for women coming this spring
  27. Bike Stabilizers
  28. What should I have in my trike when I ride?
  29. "Eye Drive" car in development
  30. MS Symptom Tracker
  31. Dog repeller?
  32. Discount coupon codes for cooling vests are available through our e-newsletter
  33. New hat that keeps you cool?
  34. Trick $75,000 treadmill helps MSers walk, run better
  35. Gadget tracks every activity, even sleep patterns
  36. Walking shoes
  37. Channeling my inner MacGyver to modify newly useless exercise equipment
  38. New (and bad-ass) cooling shirt reviewed by ActiveMSers
  39. My new favorite piece of exercise equipment for MSers
  40. Magnifier gizmos for those with eyesight issues
  41. Cane/Seat combo my newest aid
  42. Beach wheelchair
  43. The inexpensive piece of gear I put on my Xmas list
  44. Novel forearm crutch works with thick winter coats
  45. Working out on a balance disk
  46. What equipment do you have in your home gym?
  47. Has anyone played Kinect for Xbox 360?
  48. Walker vs. forearm crutches: which is less fatiguing?
  49. Portable "active" cooling vest
  50. Coming soon to a Torso near you : weighted vest to improve gait and mobility
  51. Portable shower grab bar good for travel
  52. Power-Plate
  53. Cooling vest
  54. Electric trikes
  55. STUDY: Stability ball beats standard crunch
  56. Trail running/training shoe may be ideal for MSers
  57. Frogg Toggs cooling towel gets thumbs up
  58. NEW coupon codes for concealable cooling vests
  59. Ultralight, ultra-compactible trekking poles
  60. Cooling vest shootout underway
  61. Eliptical trainer in home gymn
  62. The future of cooling vest technology?
  63. Toning shoes
  64. Firefighter cooling vest study sheds light on best type of vest for MSers
  65. SHOCKER: Cooling vest shootout yields hands-down winner
  66. Cooling vest for air conditioned gym
  67. Chillow cooling pad
  68. Cycling on a 4-wheeler... a "surreyeal" experience
  69. 20% off Glacier Tek cooling vest extended
  70. New Betaseron app "great!" says reviewer
  71. Thumbs up for micro refrigerator, wireless thermometer question
  72. Lightweight trail stool impresses
  73. Shower chair for travel
  74. TIPS & TRICKS: Wii Fit a boon for balance
  75. New iPod shuffle and sport headphones ideal for exercising
  76. Rebounding and MS ?
  77. New cooling accessory to be tested: innovative hat insert
  78. Testing the FitBit!
  79. stretching book
  80. High-end fashion designer creating hip and sexy cooling vests
  81. I Tried IT (Bioness L300 Plus)!!!
  82. DVD Workouts
  83. Best forearm crutches?
  84. Springboard: Great gear for home Pilates
  85. Snowshoe attachment for forearm crutches
  86. Dutch cooling vest geared to athletes: lightweight, form-fitting
  87. HULC Exoskeleton future walking tool for MSers?
  88. Pear
  89. ArcticHeat cooling vest gets 12% discount for 2012
  90. Hip Flexion Assist Device (HFAD) for hip flexor weakness
  91. 180s Cooling Gear
  92. New device makes wheelchairs obsolete?
  93. REVIEW: Forearm crutches + buyer's guide
  94. Definitely don't do this with your walking aids
  95. Wheelchair rental in France
  96. Has anyone tried a vest from MSCooling.com?
  97. Camping tent for those with mobility issues, wheelers
  98. Power Balance Bracelet
  99. Has anyone used a Theracycle 100?
  100. Collapsible walking staffs
  101. AFO for running longer disances?
  102. Need a off road scooter
  103. New forearm crutches
  104. Umpire cooling vest an interesting option for MSers
  105. BalanceWear vest to improve balance in those with MS
  106. Coolture cooling vest arrives, designed by former DKNY MSer
  107. special needs bikes and accessories
  108. Coolture cooling vest - review
  109. Recovery Pump gets recommended
  110. Coldfront personal cooling system
  111. Cooling glove better that steroids.
  112. New Fitbit Zip pedometer links to your smart phone
  113. Washable incontinence underwear
  114. STUDY: WalkAide FES device improves gait function and quality of life
  115. AFO Devices - Any recommendations?
  116. Walkaide advice please
  117. Forearm crutch "user of the month"
  118. Bioness L300
  119. New Fitbit wristband being released
  120. Help us improve the medical coolers for MS-medicine
  121. New to AFO's
  122. Vibram Five Fingers shoes for balance
  123. spin bike
  124. Tria Laser for shaving legs (goodbye razor!)
  125. Theracycle 200 for sale
  126. help! need 2013 discount code for Arctic Heat
  127. Hiking sticks
  128. Columbia's new Omni Freeze Zero
  129. Techkewl Hybrid Cooling Vest
  130. Columbia's new Omni Freeze Zero
  131. Frog Legs suspension system for wheelchair
  132. Does anyone use a specific cooler to store packs for Cooling Vests?
  133. Medication cooler concept "Away" sets high bar for maintaing temps
  134. MSAA is fast with their cooling equipment!
  135. Anyone tried the "Kickstart Kinetic Device" to restore mobility?
  136. Urbanpoling - Activator walking poles
  137. Lightweight trike bike with more than 3 gears?
  138. Cooling Vest
  139. Best boots/shoes for winter weather
  140. STUDY: WalkAide: experiences with testing, adjustment and follow-up
  141. Hand AND leg powered trike
  142. Forearm crutches and slippery conditions
  143. Trekking Pole (Mis)Adventure
  144. StaCool vest received for testing and review
  145. RIP Bitty, Oct 26, 2011-Jan 4, 2014
  146. Veloped: the all-terrain walker for active people
  147. Glacier-Tek cooling vest available
  148. Women: Shewee for #1 emergencies
  149. Trick folding trike that fits in a suitcase
  150. Polar Zippered Vest VS Steele Zippered Vest
  151. New trike powered by upper OR lower body w/electrical aid; the Holy Grail for MSers?
  152. SNEAK PREVIEW: New rollator/walker breaks every mold, actually cool (really!)
  153. Motivo Tour: "A New Walker Designed for People, Not Patients"
  154. Which cooling vest and how do they work
  155. Equipment for the bedroom
  156. Innovative solutions for "knee knock" when triking
  157. Cool Cat Scooter: Compact stand up/sit down scooter
  158. Power-assisted arm trike
  159. Innovative Horizon Trike combines foot power, electric power for 25 mph
  160. BLOG: Testing Arm and Leg Powered Trikes
  161. Triple Tread Trike designed by MSer for MSers
  162. 13 Cooling Vests Tested and Reviewed
  163. Best lightweight T-shirt to be worn under cooling vests
  164. bioness vs walkaide or alternative?
  165. Catrike Folding TRAIL trike just released!
  166. Purchased first new trike: a Catrike Pocket!
  167. Millennial vs Sidestix at 58
  168. Inexpensive Lightweight Wheelchair suggestions
  169. Mobile APPS for walking better
  170. Tri Kit for ActiveMSers in the works
  171. First Line Technology User Vest Reviews
  172. Streetstepper, crazy good option... or just crazy?
  173. Mobility scooter recommendations
  174. Leg trike vs. hand trike, which is best?
  175. AWESOME adaptive snowboard: Twinrider
  176. The EMBR Wave: a bracelet that regulates your body's temperature???
  177. Custom ActiveMSers Tri/Cycle Kits!! Interested?
  178. Radical seated downhill mountain bike
  179. Floating wheelchair for the beach
  180. Looking for 3 wheeled roll actor/walker with telescoping handlebars
  181. Theracycle 200 for sale $2500 - Turlock, CA
  182. Question on crutches...
  183. Using Hands with Trekking Poles
  184. Compression Shirt with Cooling Vest
  185. Indoor trainers for recumbent trikes and handcycles
  186. Cooling Vest ????
  187. Cooling Vest as a gift, am I making a mistake?
  188. MS gear shipping to Canada?
  189. Discount code for First Line cooling vest?
  190. New women's fashion underwear can be changed sitting down, even with clothes on
  191. Pro-grade AVACORE cooling gear coming to consumers in 2016
  192. SandPad Beach Crutch Tips
  193. Fashionable Wheelchair Jeans
  194. Need new office chair - Roller Ball?
  195. STORE OPEN: Official ActiveMSers Tri/Cycling/Running Gear (Thru Oct 1)
  196. STUDY: Elevated brain temperature is associated with worse fatigue in MSers
  197. STUDY: Cane vs Trekking Poles vs 4-Point Cane
  198. Mobility scooter with 35 mile range, 9.5 mph top speed
  199. REVIEW: Top End XLT Handcycle
  200. Attractive canes (!!) that don't look industrial or medical
  201. Used Theracycle 200 for sale
  202. This Bike has MS
  203. All-terrain tracked wheelchairs
  204. REVIEW: Alinker, the 3-wheeled walking bike
  205. Bioness L300
  206. Flashlight for wheelchair/walker
  207. Exoskeleton: World's lightest and most advanced, also cheapest
  208. Pediatric Cooling Vest
  209. AFO orthotic for long distance running with drop foot?
  210. Arctic Heat cooling cap
  211. Testing Dr Cool gear: cooling cap and cooling shirt
  212. Theracycle 200 for sale in East Texas
  213. Cooling advice for ultra-trail
  214. REVIEW: Travel Scooters
  215. Standing manual wheelchair
  216. First Line Tech Cooling Vests
  217. REVIEW: New cooling vest gets high marks for style, stealthiness, comfort
  218. Running shoes
  219. REVIEW: Two new cooling vests excel for petite, plus sizes
  220. Kewlfit or Texas Cool Vest
  221. Phase change hats and headbands
  222. Coolshirt System for Sale
  223. Insurance coverage for cooling vests
  224. TEST: Insulated water bottles
  225. Member recommendation for affordable forearm crutches
  226. The Ripchair: "The most capable offroad wheelchair ever assembled"
  227. GRIT Freedom Chair, a lightweight, manual wheelchair for the trail designed by MIT
  228. Cooling necklace
  229. Portable battery powered air conditioner: The Zero Breeze
  230. Exerstrider walking poles
  231. Unweighting equipment
  232. Cooling bed sheets "world's first and only performance fabric bedding"
  233. More photos coming for cooling vest reviews to show different body types
  234. TESTING: All Terrain Wheelchair, the Mountain Trike
  235. Seriously: A treadmill on a bike you ride on the street
  236. Exco-skeleton clinical trial recruiting MS patients!
  237. Spill-proof, self-leveling utensils for MS tremors
  238. stair lifts
  239. Ultimate electric-assist trike for MSers?
  240. Running Shoes
  241. OMG, electric-assist off-road monster bike
  242. Testing Soon: New concealable cooling vest for MSers
  243. Cool (literally) travel pillow for MSers
  244. Cooling Headliners an Option for MSers?
  245. STUDY: Effect of cooling suit on MSers in terms of fatigue, daily living
  246. STUDY: Elevated Brain Temp Associated w/Worse Fatigue in MSers
  247. All Terrain Wheelchairs Reviewed
  248. REVIEW: New cooling vest "game changer" in stealth, comfort
  249. climbing stairs
  250. Help with Foot Drop