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  1. HALT-MS: study overview
  2. Trial Ins & Outs of the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS)
  3. HALT-MS: study details and slide show
  4. How I'm telling readers of the magazine I edit and co-own
  5. Early results from the Phase II HALT-MS trial
  6. Clinical trials for MS, my thoughts, and how to apply
  7. How does one fill up an iPod for a 3-week hospital stay?
  8. HOME! Many thanks, details to come
  9. FAQs: Dave's stem cell transplant—the risks, the costs, the benefits(?), and more
  10. Worst 5 Invasive Procedures for the SCT trial
  11. The stem cell scam: a 60 Minutes expose on the medical snake oil of SCs
  12. THE WHY: What was I thinking when I signed up for a risky stem cell transplant?
  13. #1 PRE-ADMISSION: testing, procedures, stem cell harvesting, more
  14. #2 ADMISSION: shaving head, rabbits, hydration, IV love, sleep deprivation, showers
  15. #3 CHEMOTHERAPY: mouth care, lung care, exercise, fever spike, helicopters
  16. #4 STEM CELL TRANSPLANT: mom arrival, second birthday, smelling like corn
  17. #5 CHEMO AFTERMATH: barfing, passing out, bed pan emergencies, sponge baths
  18. #6 RECOVERY: MacGyvering exercise bike, transfusions, diseased catfish
  19. My stem cell transplant may have caused my broken leg (and why that's good news)
  20. Strangest side effect so far of the SCT
  21. SOOO, did it actually work?!?!
  22. Blogs/Videos of fellow HALT-MSers
  23. Out of the danger zone? Crap, not so fast...
  24. Death of HALT MSer does not effect study
  25. 98 and counting... pages of insurance denial
  26. A little nervous, a little excited with 6-month testing
  27. Allergies: are they gone?
  28. Official Month 6 Update
  29. Ugh, expensive surprise in the mail
  30. Oh Canada! Similar trial up north seeing successes
  31. Good luck Chris & Erin (Dec 2 start date)!
  32. Personal best walking week!
  33. 23 for 23!
  34. Drove for the first time in 16 months
  35. HIV perhaps "cured" with bone marrow stem cell transplant
  36. Walking nonstop (with aids) for a half hour
  37. Pets?
  38. Full Post-SCT Discharge Instructions
  39. SCT for Non RR?
  40. Standing to shower these days
  41. Not a First Line Treatment?
  42. Tour of art gallery yields surprise
  43. Wow, I just made a full dinner standing up
  44. Tricks of the PT trade really do work
  45. What? Give up my BINKY?! Stopped using walker (mostly)
  46. Published results, Published updates
  47. Playing Xbox again... didn't play at all in 2010
  48. Went grocery shopping for first time since 2009
  49. Walked 3/4 of a kilometer (750 meters) without aid!
  50. Celebrated 18th wedding anniversary, a redo of #17
  51. Month 9 recovery featured major milestones
  52. VIDEO, Hope, Part 1 (Documenting the Transplant)
  53. Shot hoops (even dribbled) yesterday
  54. Not sleeping great, but I'm not tired
  55. Lisa recently transplanted at Northwestern
  56. Northwestern accepting stem cell transplant patients OUTSIDE of clinical trial
  57. Australian gets HALT-MS style SCT
  58. Early highly aggressive MS successfully treated by hematopoietic SCT (study abstract)
  59. Attacking T cells in MS critical says report
  60. Month 10 milestones
  61. Patient (David) from 2000 who had HSCT done
  62. James Ellison transplanted in 1999, on Today Show in 2010
  63. Pilates "roll up" sees massive gains
  64. Long-term results of stem cell transplantation for MS
  65. Celebrating my one year "birthday"
  66. Preparing for 1-year visit to Houston
  67. Test I LEAST want to do at my appointment (try it yourself!)
  68. Aussie TV news story: Aggressive MS stopped/reversed with HSCT
  69. Official Year 1 Update
  70. Airport adventures that weren't adventures
  71. First round of immunizations Monday
  72. Perspective on the risk of HSCT
  73. Met up with fellow HALT-MSer in Austin
  74. Mustard gas is $$$$!
  75. Off to Houston for Month 13 MRI
  76. Met up with SCT pioneer Craig Garrison
  77. Blast! First cold in 2.5 years
  78. Long-term care after stem-cell transplantation
  79. Did 20 minutes on the Nordic Track
  80. World SCT registry being considered after Aussie transplant
  81. Up to 55 minutes of continuous walking (aided)
  82. SPMSer currently undergoing transplant in Germany
  83. Five reasons NOT to get HSCT
  84. One reason TO get HSCT
  85. Legs finally working better
  86. Seeing an endocrinologist tomorrow for low testosterone
  87. "Stem cell clinics ripping off patients, bullying scientists"
  88. Facilities specializing in transplants critical for lowering mortality risks
  89. Immunizations, Round 2, a serious bugger
  90. UK stem cell trials getting funded
  91. Ha, local MS Society talked me up on radio last week
  92. First time to my local gym in 20 months!
  93. Long-term health impacts of HSCT potentially serious
  94. MSC stem cell treatment "5 to 7" years out from being approved as treatment
  95. Stella (UK) transplanted one week ago
  96. VIDEO: Hope, Part 2 (1.5-Year Update)
  97. Played tennis today!
  98. Using a single cane around home
  99. Autologous HSCTs: The science behind why it may lead to long-term remission
  100. New blog chronicling day-by-day Northwestern transplant
  101. Over 1 hour of walking nonstop (new high!)
  102. Current MS stem cell transplant clinical trials
  103. STUDY: Early versus late/salvage autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  104. STUDY: Quality of life after autologous haematopoietic stem cell transplantation
  105. STUDY: Neurological recovery following chemo and stem cell transplant
  106. PROPOSALS: Worldwide Phase III aHSCT study, challenges
  107. FAIL Ampyra Log: Started Oct 31, 2011
  108. Really? Another insurance denial letter
  109. HSCT retrospective study: why it works in MS, the future, and the challenges
  110. CDC Guidelines in preventing infections among HSCTers
  111. STUDY: Long-term results from Italian study, autologous HSCT for MS
  112. FATIGUE!!! It's not what you think....
  113. Doctor with MS undergoing SCT at Northwestern
  114. Stem Cell Transplantation for Autoimmune Disease—Is It Now Ready for Prime Time?
  115. STUDY: No proinflammatory signature after SCT
  116. Celebrating 19th Wedding Anniversary
  117. 75 minutes nonstop walking/exercising, new PR
  118. Stem Cell Therapy Promising in Secondary Progressive MS
  119. Conference call with insurance company tomorrow
  120. STUDY: Complications of autologous HSCT for patients with autoimmune diseases
  121. Week at Mom and Dad's home both taxing and encouraging
  122. Stem Cell Warriors Facebook Page
  123. Sick, my second cold in two years
  124. Planning stages for worldwide SCT phase III trial
  125. Year 2 Houston appointments set for week in April
  126. Northwestern stem cell transplant participant Facebook page
  127. Turning "2" today!
  128. HSCT for MS Facebook page
  129. HALT-MS participant going on speaking tour
  130. Hiked 2 miles yesterday! New PR post transplant
  131. Fast Houston update, year two
  132. Friday the 13th strikes... headache from LP
  133. Official Year 2 Update
  134. Commercial pilot returns to flying after SCT
  135. SCT recipient (& author/comedian) interviewed live Apr 25 8:30 EST
  136. NY runner undergoing SCT currently at Northwestern
  137. Houston month 25 MRI coming up
  138. 60,000 HSCT procedures annually for all conditions
  139. Leading HSCT doc dissects risks of procedure, ‘no inflammation/no response’ reasoning
  140. Three MSers transplanted this week, two with active blogs
  141. Typing getting better, up to about 40 wpm
  142. Restarted my gym membership!
  143. Robin Roberts's new fight a cautious reminder
  144. Costa Rican stem cell "infusion" nearly kills MSer
  145. One year update on Northwestern clinical trial blog (Marc Coppins)
  146. Russian 2008 HSCT study
  147. Is HSCT an option if you have PPMS?
  148. STUDY: No proinflammatory signature in CD34+ hematopoietic progenitor cells in MSers
  149. Houston HALT-MS patient's year 4 update: No progression!
  150. HALT-MS Phase III Update
  151. Imperial College London soon to recruiting for mesenchymal stem cell trial
  152. Cognitive function update
  153. Successes and Failures of Stem Cell Transplantation in Autoimmune Diseases
  154. How truly risky is HSCT today?
  155. Stem cell transplant wise for those newly diagnosed?
  156. VIDEO: Hope, Part 3 (2.5-Year Update)
  157. HSCT being tried for type 1 diabetes
  158. STUDY: Patients’ bone marrow may be key to MS treatment
  159. HALT-MS Study Update: 22 of 23 show no progression at years 2.5+
  160. MSers going to Russia for HSCT treatment (fund-raising blogs)
  161. Gym update, arm spinny thing
  162. Two new reported failures (SPMS and PPMS)
  163. Report on first SCT done in India
  164. STUDY: Randomised, phase II, controlled, multicentre trial (BEAM vs. Mitoxantrone)
  165. PASAT (oral math testing) performance following immunoablative therapy and HSCT
  166. STUDY: Immune reconstitution after autologous haematopoietic SCT for aggressive RRMS
  167. Induction of antigen-specific tolerance thru HSC-mediated gene therapy: The future?
  168. HSCT: a review and recommendations for follow-up care for the general practitioner
  169. Mesenchymal stem cells as treatment for MS – progress to date
  170. Spoke to future pharmacists yesterday
  171. New HSCT videos from Northwestern's Dr. Burt
  172. Blog of South African HSCT patient
  173. HALT-MS Official "Early" Results
  174. marijuana after stem cell transplant
  175. STUDY: Autologous HSCT for SPMS: an exploratory cost-effectiveness analysis
  176. STUDY: Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapy for Multiple Sclerosis: Top 10 Lessons Learned
  177. Dancing milestone
  178. STUDY: Immunohistochemistry analysis of bone marrow biopsies in HSCT MS patients
  179. Rode 9 miles, one hour nonstop--new PR
  180. RECRUITING: High Dose Chemo With Stem Cell Transplant for MSers Failing Treatments
  181. Final round of immunizations today
  182. SNOWBOARDING! First time in four years
  183. Walked over 400 miles in 2012
  184. STUDY: AHSCT following high-dose chemo for advanced MS, long term results
  185. Spread MS Hope
  186. MS Society Chief Research Officer's HSCT Opinions (article on PA woman off to Russia)
  187. STUDY: Diminished Th17 (not Th1) responses underlie MS disease abrogation after HSCT
  188. Celebrating 3 years today
  189. ARTICLE: Major Advance in Understanding Risky but Effective MS Treatment
  190. ARTICLE: Risky MS treatment gives doctor his life back
  191. Jeff Root undergoing HSCT in Russia
  192. Stem cell transplant stops celiac disease
  193. Official Year 3 Update
  194. STORY: WA resident heading to Russia for HSCT
  195. TV REPORT: Patients brought to the brink of death in fight against MS
  196. OPINION PAPER: HSCT as a Treatment Option for Aggressive MS
  197. ARTICLE: Stanford stem cell research
  198. STUDY: 2-Year Follow-Up Results Of The HALT MS Clinical Trial
  199. Sct
  200. Turning 45, the one bright spot
  201. Shot hoops without aid for 30 minutes
  202. STUDY: Long-term outcome of the Canadian MS BMT study finds "no disease activity"
  203. STUDY: Low intesity stem cell transplantation safe, but no immune system "reset"
  204. STUDY: Haematopoietic stem cell transplantation for MS, the Swedish experience
  205. Bmt
  206. NEWS: 'Radical' stem cell trial offers hope for MS sufferers
  207. Set post transplant PR for steps in a day (walked nearly 3 miles!)
  208. STUDY: Outcome Of Pregnancy After Autologous Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
  209. Aussie Gov. group warns of risks associated with unproven stem cell therapies
  210. STUDY: The development of hematopoietic and mesenchymal SCT for MS
  211. Walked 359 miles in 2013
  212. HALT-MS Update: Extensive renewal of the T cell repertoire following SCT in MS
  213. STUDY: Autologous HSCT for aggressive MS, the Swedish experience
  214. Are you prepared to have a bone marrow transplant?
  215. 60 Minutes Australia: HSCT for MS is "news that will rock our medical establishment"
  216. FL FOX News report on woman accepted for SCT at Northwestern
  217. Year 4 MRI: Stable
  218. RECRUITING: Patients With Autoimmune Neurologic Disease (MS) Unresponsive to Therapy
  219. Oklahoma woman treated MS with HSCT, doing well
  220. OVERVIEW: HSCT, Will This Form of Stem Cell Therapy Soon Become the Standard of Care?
  221. STUDY PREVIEW: Autologous bone marrow transplantation for the treatment of MS
  222. STUDY: HSCT "effective alternative" in RRMS, "no evidence" of modifying SPMS disease
  223. Hope - Part 5
  224. HALT-MS official study update releasing December 2014
  225. HALT-MS 3 Year Study Update w/Editorial, from JAMA Neurology
  226. HALT-MS lands as lead story on Reddit, 1,100+ comments
  227. Gains from my transplant are slipping; begrudgingly weighing Plan F
  228. STUDY: Low intensity lympho-ablative regimen followed by AHSCT in severe forms of MS
  229. STUDY: Long-term outcomes of AHSCT with reduced intensity cond. in MS
  230. Year 5 MRI results: still 0 new lesions, 0 enhancing lesions
  231. Official Year 4/5 Update
  232. Concluded last appointment for HALT-MS
  233. Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in pediatric MS—Long-time followup
  234. STUDY: Low intensity lympho-ablative regimen followed by autologous HSCT in severe MS
  235. STUDY: AHSCT with reduced-intensity conditioning for aggressive MS: the Polish Exper.
  236. STUDY: Quality of life for patients with multiple sclerosis treated with HSCT
  237. STUDY: Safety profile of HSCT following natalizumab therapy in aggressive forms of MS
  238. STUDY: Autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation in progressive severe MS
  239. BBC: Cancer treatment for MS patients gives 'remarkable' results
  240. PAPER: Hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for MS, is it a clinical reality?
  241. HALT-MS Phase 3 in Planning, ETA 2018
  242. Russian study: 5% risk of death, 45% progression free after 5 yrs
  243. WebMD article on HSCT with FAQ
  244. Review: aHSCT in MS—20 years of experience
  245. STUDY: Stem cell treatment in progressive MS—repair and regeneration possible
  246. STUDY: NEDA status in highly active MS can be more easily obtained with HSCT
  247. The very real dangers of stem cell transplantation for multiple sclerosis
  248. STUDY: NEDA status in highly active MS can be more easily obtained with HSCT
  249. EDITORIAL: Updated views on autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation for MS
  250. HALT-MS Year 5 Update: 70% remain in remission