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  4. SAN JOSE: Stanford MS Center director talks news and symptom management (JAN 26)
  5. LOS ANGELES: Latest Advances in MS (May 13)
  6. PORTLAND, OR: Travel advice??
  7. BURBANK, CA: Strategies to Improve Your Quality of Life (JUNE 14)
  8. SAN FRAN, CA: Latest MS News and Updates (SEPT 28)
  9. Newport Beach, CA - Hoag 'MS Essentials Free Lecture Series'
  10. MS Rockstars at Rock 'n' Roll Arizona
  11. SANTA MONICA: Latest MS News and Updates (Nov 16)
  12. San Diego - Newly Diagnosed Seminar
  13. Moving Sale - Portable A/C Units (Los Angeles Metro)
  14. PORTLAND, OR: Patient Education Program (July 14)
  15. PG&E (Calif.) Medical Base Allowance Program
  16. HONOLULU: Research updates & living your best with MS (Dec 1)
  17. ALASKA: Access Alaska!
  18. SAN DIEGO: Exploring MS Symptoms, New Treatments for Bladder and Spasticity (Feb 23)
  19. BELLEVUE, WA: Exploring the Symptoms of MS: Mobility, Bladder & Spasticity (Mar 6)
  20. SAN DIEGO: Tackling the Everyday Challenges + Recent Breakthroughs (JUL 16)
  21. SAN JOSE, CA: Stanford Dr on Managing Your MS with Approved Therapies (OCT 3)
  22. LOS ANGELES: Living Your Best with MS: Managing MS Relapses & Exacerbations (Feb 10)
  23. PORTLAND: Living with MS and Managing Your MS Symptoms (Feb 13)
  24. BERKELEY, CA: Living with MS and Managing Your MS Symptoms
  25. ASTORIA, OR: Living Your Best with MS & Managing MS Relapses & Exacerbations (Apr 3)
  26. SAN DIEGO: Take the MS Fitness Challenge! (May 18)
  27. SPOKANE: Women's MS Education Weekend (Oct 24-26)
  28. PORTLAND, OR: MS in Women—The Female Perspective on Living Well with MS (Nov 10)
  29. TACOMA, WA: The African-American MS Patient Experience (Feb 21)
  30. SAN DIEGO: Hot Topics in MS (Mar 28)
  31. CITRUS HEIGHTS, CA: Writing as Healing (Ongoing)
  32. SACRAMENTO: Yoga in the Park (June 29)
  33. SQUAW VALLEY, CA: Adaptive Ski (Feb 27)
  34. SEATTLE: Women's MS Educational Summit (Dec 10)
  35. FRESNO, CA: Research advances in MS (Jan 19)
  36. LOS ANGELES: A Closer Look at the Hispanic Community & Multiple Sclerosis (Feb 10)
  37. SPOKANE, WA: MS Education for the Patient and Care Partner (Feb 22)
  38. northern California
  39. HONOLULU: 32nd Annual Pacific Rim Conference on Disability & Diversity (Apr 25-26)
  40. Sacramento area - MS Achievement Center
  41. SACRAMENTO, CA: Mind, Motion & Medicine (Dec 3)
  42. REDONDO BEACH, CA: Yoga in Chairs (Weds)
  43. SAN DIEGO, CA: Beach Wheelchair Locations (Free to Borrow)
  44. ANCHORAGE, AK: Hot Topics in MS (Mar 6)
  45. COSTA MESA, CA: A Closer Look at the Hispanic Community & MS (Mar 3)
  46. KAUAI, HI: Hot Topics in MS (Apr 5)
  47. BELLEVUE, WA: The Role of the MRI in the Treatment and Management of MS (Apr 20)
  48. MONTEREY, CA: MS Management--Integrating Wellness (Jun 24)
  49. HONOLULU, HI: 33rd Annual Pacific Rim Interntl Conference on Disability (Oct 9-11)
  50. Folks With MS near Huntington Beach, CA
  51. SAN DIEGO: Nutrition and MS (Nov 30)
  52. HAWAII: MS in Hawaii, a 1-Day Health Fair (Feb 3)
  53. SAN DIEGO: Balance, Addressing How to Live Well with MS (Feb 1)
  54. COSTA MESA, CA: Update on the Role of the MRI in MS (Feb 24)
  55. BEVERLY HILLS, CA: The Role of the MRI in MS for Healthcare Professionals (Mar 15)
  56. SEATTLE, WA: Brain Preservation and Cognition in MS (Mar 15)
  57. BELLINGHAM, WA: Understanding Progression in Multiple Sclerosis (May 10)
  58. SEATTLE, WA: MS Can Do Jumpstart (Nov 3)
  59. Looking for a Buddy in San Diego
  60. SEATTLE, WA: More About MS—An Educational Forum for People Living with MS (May 31)
  61. SEATTLE, WA: MS care partners support group (3rd Tues of the Month, Ongoing)
  62. WOODLAND, CA: Introduction to Wellness with MS (Jul 22, 29, Aug 5, 12)
  63. KLAMATH FALLS, OR: Mood Changes in MS (Aug 22)