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11-19-2014, 12:34 PM
This just came across my desk, which sounds interesting and may be helpful to others. - Dave

hi Dave - I read about your story in the NY Times (way to go, by the way) and I wanted to reach out to you. I am with a Silicon Valley-based start-up called SmartStory. Were gearing up to shoot 30-40 videos for MS patients that focus on educating new patients and helping them realize they can thrive. For these videos, we are hoping to feature as many MS patients as possible who are currently living with the condition and would be willing to give some words of wisdom to others.

We will be shooting in Atlanta in December and I know its a long shot -- but do you by any chance know of any patients that might be open to telling their stories who live in the area? Id be super grateful for any referrals. Thank you so much - for the referrals and for all that you do. Love your blog and site and videos!

I asked for more details, and here is what Nicole sent.

- Videos are short (2-3 minutes each) and focus on patient inspiration and education. Were looking for words of wisdom from MS patients well interview them on everything from their reaction upon diagnosis; what changes in lifestyle they've experienced; tips for living a full life despite the physical challenges; tips for support system; tips for treatment; and so on.

- We are SmartStory Technologies (http://www.smartstory.com) and we will own the rights to these videos but plan to distribute them via a mail order pharmacy called BriovaRx (http://www.briovarx.com). When someone fills a new prescription with Briova, as part of their patient on-boarding, the customer service rep will ask if they want to receive a link to these videos to learn about their condition. The idea is to get the right information in front of patients at their biggest moments of need so that they dont get confused or overwhelmed upon diagnosis or by (scary) searches they might do on the internet. REAL INFO from REAL PATIENTS and doctors and pharmacists.

Really want to find people who feel passionate about helping/mentoring others.

- Compensation - $50

- We will be shooting in Atlanta the second week of December so we ideally would like to find people who are located there. However, for those who are not in the Atlanta area but who want to participate, we might be able to find a way to tell their stories anyway so you can also have them contact me as well.

Contact info for those who are interested is:

Nicole Stagg