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10-03-2017, 03:35 PM
Can Do MS Webinar

Discover The Invisible: Pain and Depression in MS

Tue, Oct 10, 2017 6:00 PM - 7:15 PM MDT
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“But you look so good...”

Many people living with MS have heard these words from family or friends. Understanding your MS is made more challenging because so many of its most devastating effects cannot be seen, but are unmistakably present in your everyday lives. These “invisible symptoms” may be the most agonizing, the most frustrating, the most confusing, and the most isolating aspects ts of living with this chronic condition.

In particular, pain and depression are some of the most common yet misunderstood MS symptoms. It may seem like an endless, dark march without hope for discovering relief.

The first step to overcoming pain and depression is recognizing when and why they exist. By understanding the causes of pain and depression, you can empowered to manage them. From there, your healthcare team can recommend resources, therapies, coping strategies, and comprehensive self-help techniques to get you on the road to coping and thriving.

In “Discover The Invisible: Pain and Depression in MS,” join Chris Nesbitt, a renowned pain expert and physical therapist from the Shepherd Rehab Center, and Meghan Beier, a clinical psychologist and Assistant Professor of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation from the Johns Hopkins Medical Center, for a solution-focused, multi-disciplinary examination of these two pervasive MS symptoms. Chris and Meghan will also answer your questions in this interactive discussion.

We all can take charge of our pain and depression. Register for this important webinar today!