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ActiveMSers 04-10-2018 01:39 PM

Member Privacy
With what has been going down with Facebook and disturbing privacy issues, I think it is important to address privacy concerns here on ActiveMSers.

1) We permit no advertising (paid or in-kind) on our forum, blog, e-newsletter or main website. The information you find is unbiased and we are beholden to no advertisers, pharmaceutical companies, or even my mother. Advertising on our other social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram) earns ActiveMSers no income and the placement and content of ads is out of our control.

2) How the hell does ActiveMSers make money? It doesn't. That's not why I do this. But when my book comes out in however many years, think about maybe buying a copy. Maybe the e-book or something. And perhaps spring for a movie ticket. Dollar theater is okay.

3) Access to all platforms associated to ActiveMSers is restricted. To me. One person. Dave.

4) Data, e-mail addresses, the name of your first dog, etc. is never shared. And while I should be more interested in how many people visit/click/read my stuff, I'm not. So don't ask, because I probably don't know.

5) You have the flexibility to be as anonymous as you'd like with us. Since I highlight all the big events of the past month in our newsletter, if you are on zero social media channels of ours (or have deleted your Facebook account), you'll still be in the loop. Even directly with us, feel free to use fake names or aliases, set up separate e-mail addresses, lurk and never utter a peep, don't like or heart a thing. It's all cool.

If any of you ever have any Qs about ActiveMSers and privacy, holler. I'll do my best answer them accurately.

(And one last note: if you try to friend me on FB, don't be offended if I ignore it. You aren't missing anything since my personal page is public, I virtually never "like" anything, and I post there maybe a couple times a year... usually sharing something from ActiveMSers. I also don't follow many people on other platforms, either. Don't take it personally.)

GoatHerder 04-10-2018 05:51 PM

Well put, and thanks!

As for FarceBook, I scream from the rooftops for people to never sign up for that abomination of a privacy sucking disaster. *(Though I may be a little biased about my views on the subject!)

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