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Dave, glad you give it thumbs up!

I got the small ( short size) last year when they first came out and just really like it. I had given it my unofficial review back then, and figured I’d copy part of it here... I actually was out gardening today and thought I wouldn’t need it as the temp was barely 72. Boy, I could have used it..( wasn’t even in the freezer yet). And I wanted to stress how handy it has been for me to use it for Pre and Post cooling from a bike ride.

From my post last year:
“ I was initially intrigued with the cost, that it is only on the back and less restrictive feeling, and that it comes in the "Brief" version. My problem with most of the cooling vests, apart from the price, is that I couldn't find one that fit me as I am petite...5 foot even, and vests ride up, or are just too long for me.

Also wanted one that I could use to help me deal with a hot car. In my job, I am in and out of the car and wanted something that would keep or get my core cooled fast before the ac kicked in. This works for me. Here is how I have been using it:

- Gardening: tried it on a day when the temp was in the high 80's...high humidity and high dew point....wore it under a t-shirt and was able to comfortably do weeding in a shady part of the garden that got a little sun filtering thru. It was still wicked hot, and I was able to keep my core cool for a good 90 minutes...Head was hot, and I was sweating on my face, but I didn't go into meltdown mode, and really felt comfortable. I use it now regularly for gardening.

-Pre and post cooling: Haven't worn it cycling yet since if it is that hot, I will just not ride. But, on days that were hot, but ridable for me, I wore the vest inside for a good 30 mins before. Threw it back in the freezer, and then put it back on when I came in from the ride. Absolutely helped keep me from feeling that increased internal heat that I get post ride.

-I wore it to an outside music venue. It was an afternoon concert and one of those wicked hot/humid NE days we had in July. We had little shade to hide under for the first two hours. Under my shirt, my friend said it looked like, maybe a back brace. Totally worked along with the hat, umbrella, and cold drinks.

-I have put it in a cooler and taken it with me when I am in the car. Sometimes I just put it between the seat and my back to cool me when I am driving, and usually I slip it on for a few minutes when I re-enter the car, and again, it gives me the relief I need.

-I've used it just sitting out in the shade to read on a hot day.

-the Brief model covers enough of my spine to do the trick. 10" long, compared to the regular 17"

It has been a game charger for me....Has given me back the ability to ENJOY some of the summer heat and the smells of summer that I so enjoy, but couldn't take for too long before even when in the shade. Given me back hours on those bad heat days that I before just spent inside doing whatever waiting for early evening. For me, I like that it is just cooling on my back...and it is very easy to put on and off in a minute. Keeps somewhat cool when put in a cooler with freezer packs.

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