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Great pics Dave! I guess if I have a New Years resolution it will be to take more pics while I'm on the bike. And thanks for starting the thread.

I also got outside last Tuesday. It was cold, wet, windy and icy but there seemed to always be a way through the crap for my two wheeled skinny tire bike. I found, not having ridden since the Tour de Tucson in late November, that my strength was impressively good, my cardio was also just fine but my endurance was completely trashed. I only managed a scant 12 miles over a hilly course and was very happy to be done at that.

In place of riding, I've been hitting the weights and the elliptical, each twice a week, increasing weight and time every week. I need to get some core going.

As for goals, I've had that Pikes Peak climb on my mind for a couple of years now so I've determined this is the year, "Pikes Peak or Bust." Although I don't expect to ever make it all the way to the top, I do think it'll be interesting to see just how far I can get. Of course if, by some form of divine intervention or what not, I did make it all the way, I would most certainly acquire enormous bragging rights, which I would then be forced to exercise at various cycling events such as the Copper Triangle and possibly the NM MS 150.

We shall see, we shall see,


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