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Default Update

Thanks for all who have seen and included their supportive comments. They have been super motivating for me. I really want to know if anyone is trying this as well. I really think that I'm onto something, but would like other perspectives.

Here's my update. I'm continuing to improve since I last posted. The elliptical that I'm training on is a Cybex Arc Trainer. I'm still doing 5 sets of 8 minutes plus 5 sets of 8 minutes on the rope machine. The elliptical default resistance is level 15. After a few weeks I did a set at level 16, then 2 sets, then up to 5 sets at level 16. After accommodating for a few weeks I tried to move up to the next level in the same way. I'm now on level 25. It's a lot harder than level 15. There are many more levels and I will keep working up to see where this goes.

Personal Impacts:
1. I'm getting stronger and I can see a bit more muscle on my upper and lower body. I've lost a bit more fat.
2. I take an afternoon nap or go to sleep early on workout days. I also don't workout on consecutive days. I tried it, but the day off rest is necessary.
3. I'm functioning a bit better. No falls or trips. I can do more on non-exercise days. My bladder is a bit better. I really look forward to exercise days because I see concrete feedback on my physical improvement. It's inspiring.
Nothing earth shattering, but everything is a little bit better. Now ask yourself, when did you say that since being diagnosed?

That's all for now. I'll check back in a few months. I am reading comments and really do want to hear if anyone else tries this.
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