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Goatherder, That’s what I thought. Please forgive me if I step over the line, I know advocating for oneself is a full time job when one has MS, but I’m worried this is a harbinger for things to come. Insurance companies should not be allowed to make a “policy” decision that continuing a DMT does’t benefit people after 55 yrs of age. I think any person denied continuing a DMT because of age, like you, needs to document the negative impact it is having on your energy level and tirelessly (sorry) report it to your dr, insurance co, State Div of Insurance, and MS Society, etc. I feel they are gambling with our lives using a cost saving policy, which is not currently supported by hard science. Over time I fear, the insurance companies will then point to meta data to support this policy because increased fatigue, pain, or cognitive difficulties are subjective variables that won’t be reported as linked to DMT discontinuance.
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