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Originally Posted by AMFADVENTURES View Post
One of the things I personally find motivational is to develop a deeper understanding of exactly what is going on in the body physiologically with exercise. I can frequently relate that with what benefit I might expect WRT my MS (or at least I like to think I can). -

Me too. I was always active, in the sense that anyone nowadays who actually gets off the sofa regularly is considered active: a couple of easy runs a week, walking the dog (collie, doesn't do days off), biked to work,hiking....but the neuro referral really spurred me into regular running with targets, and making the Sunday hike up the Snowdon mountains a priority, rather than something I did on a free weekend. It started with a gut feeling of wanting to stay strong physically, but the more I learn the more I realise my gut was right. Use it or lose it!
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