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Default 2014 non-resolutions

Larry and Kristen,
It sounds like you have your work cut out for you. I don't really have specific training plan, but I am trying to be active every day- goal is to move 60 minutes/day. Tonight I am going to ride the trainer for the 1st half of the UK basketball game.
A friend has challenged a group of us to sit on the floor and then stand without the use of our hands or knees. I can sit and get up from my BOSU and I am practicing on it for now. It's not clear I can get up off the floor, but I am working on it.
We did ride 17 miles on New Year's Day into a serious head wind. No riding since then but I have done a spinning class and some walking.
In 2 weeks my sister and I are going to Pearl Laguna Spa- read boot camp- to hike, yoga and lose weight.
The first week in March my nephew and I are off to Tucson for a weeklong cycling camp.
So, I am going to get in shape or go broke trying!

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