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I've been trying to do something active every day. I've sort of settled into a 5 day pattern of cycling one day, walking one day doing weights and core one day and yoga one day which, depending how tired I am by then, I may or may not combine with one of the other activities. On the fifth day, I may rest or, again depending on how tired I am, one of the other activities.

All in all things are going pretty well. I managed 77 miles in 6:15 on the bike last week at a slow pace, kept my heart rate down, just trying to re-tune the muscles and get everything working again. Weather permitting I'll shoot for 100 miles this week.

I've also been walking, 2 miles at a time, but I'm going to decrease the distance because it seems my knees aren't quite ready for that much yet, especially if I do it two or more times in a week.

Weights, core and stairs are once or twice a week. I'm up to two sets of 20 reps taking the stairs two at a time with hand rail support. I've also been doing supported lunges and shallow squats, balance ball sit ups, planks, pushups and a few specialized hip flexor exercises. The weights are all upper body.

I do yoga twice a week religiously and try to combine it with one of the other activities. Otherwise I just do the yoga and consider it a rest day.

Can't tell you all how spectacular the weather has been around here, a little on the cold side but oh so beautiful.

Everybody getting some time in?

It has begun!


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