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Default Exercise vs. beer

Not really the same situation as yours, Hondo, but I will sing the praises of exercise. I went through a bone marrow transplant in 2001 and have been in remission ever since. Going into the BMT, I could only play 4 to 6 holes of golf while my buddies were playing all 18. (Great! friends to keep playing with me as I went downhill.)

Coming out of the BMT, I went to a physical therapist for three years to relearn walking. At the end of that, she said, "I've taught you all you need to know. You just need to get stronger. Join a gym." So, I did. I've been doing a combination of endurance training and resistance training ever since. I got back to playing 18 holes of golf about 2010. My bladder definitely holds more. But, my weight has gone up by 15 lbs.

OK, a small part of that is muscle density vs. fat, but most of it is beer. Those evil carbs. First, a German restaurant serving craft beer opened. Loved those brats = an extra 7 lbs. Then, at about the same time, both a craft beer pub with 23 taps and a microbrewery with high quality restaurant opened. Another 8 lbs. I'd be better off at 175 than 190, but I've got to say, I'm lovin' life.

Prost, Craig
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