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Larry, loved the article, TM way to go, and Veronica you know I'm getting that bike! I'll post more about that once I order--it's pretty trick.

Laura and I were off on holiday this past week and I did nothing. Jack squat. Those breaks are usually good, but I'm glad to be back to my exercise routine and on my bike. Unfortunately I sprained my left wrist (dunno how) and torqued my right thumb (probably compensating). So that's beyond frustrating! Going on several weeks now. I can still ride mostly pain free, but transferring and stretching often tweak one or both, which sets me back. Trying, trying to be careful.

On a final note, I have been avoiding the gym, first for the flu, now for coronavirus. My home gym works fine, so it's not worth the added stress/risk IMO.
Dave Bexfield
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