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Crazy times!
I work in the Agri-Food Logistics business and our company was deemed essential by Canadian government so it is expected company remain operational and we continue to work.

I have been granted ability to work from home given my higher risk of complications, today got the tech sorted out with laptop and logging in via VPN, my coworkers are continuing to go into office, but to mitigate risk there they are working shifts so no more than 50 people are on a given floor of office building. Social distancing to apply

So day 1 of working from home and province wide state of emergency - pools closed, yoga studio is working on a online/virtual class. So how to stay active ?

During my lunch hour at home, I took the dog for a long walk, got my sunshine and vitamin d, perfect break from work and a way to keep from being completely sedentary.

Have face masks and hand sanitizer on ready if I can’t find anyone to go for grocery resupply but I’m well stocked.

Time to hunker down, I suspect this is going to be a long haul. I’m an introvert so staying home not overly stressful and having work to do will keep me occupied.

Virtual hugs all.
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