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MS Yoda
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Dave, I'm with you on the bike trails, there are so many folks using them now that they've become nearly impassable. Switching to roads here too.

Karen, agri-logistics huh? I might need to talk to you about finding some bread quality rye flour, there seems to be a shortage around here. I bet you are in serious demand right now!

The spring winds have arrived and they are already adding to the excitement of the ride! So it goes. I'm getting out two or three times a week, still weather permitting. Made it up lookout mountain already, only 10 miles but about 1300 ft of elevation gain! I have the weights and yoga props to be able to do it from home but there is that small matter of self dicipline that I'm not so great at always. It hasn't been a problem yet because it just snowed for two days and shoveling that heavy wet spring snow provided all the exercise I needed for a day or two. So, so far so good.

Take care all,
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