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Excellent question RR, I've experienced the same things you mentioned and I haven't seen any science that addressed it either, not in the MS nor the sports physiology literature. However, I doubt it has anything to do with the MS but is more likely a normal metabolic response to the physical demands, or lack of, being placed on the body. As a professional trainer once told me, "The human body is the ONLY machine that improves with use", the reverse implication being that the body deteriorates if it's not used. Having said that though, I can see how the MS related Head Fatigue could be the result of some overstimulated neural activity of damaged neurons as a result of the exceptionally harder run at the event.

Here's another one which Teena Marie has also mentioned. I've frequently noticed that once or twice a year it takes me anywhere from two to six weeks to really recover front a long training stint and that I seem to be able to get stronger and perform better after one of those extended recovery periods. Never seen any literature on that one either but suspect it may be more of an age related phenomenon although again, possibly with some effect from damaged neural material.

You're obviously a serious sports enthusiast, I'd be interested in what you think.

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