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MS Yoda
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Great news TM, there is no doubt the work we all do helps us cope with the MS in a number of different ways but the photographic evidence is especially cool.

I've been up to the same old things here. Yoga, ellipticals, cycling and weights. I can also quantify my weight training progress, I'm pushing about 5% more weight this year than last. I hope it eventually shows up in my cycling.

I'm off to spend a couple of weeks with an old friend. While I'm there I will put together a schedule designed to get me up Pikes Peak. A prominent neurologist in this area, and a huge believer in exercise for MS, tells his patients to pick a physical goal, one they know they can't do, and go for it. That would be Pikes Peak alright! I'm sure there will be some good adventures along the way so you guys don't get sick of hearing about it. It should all start when I get back.

Got 70 miles on the bike last week, the deer and the coyotes were out but I couldn't get to my camera quick enough, a shame because it was a trophy size deer, would have been nice to have a shot of it.

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