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Thanks to both of you for confirming that I'm not going insane. I like my neurologist and my wife and I both think he particularly likes me. He's very analytical and only goes by what he can measure. This is a great thing, especially when working with things as fuzzy as MS, Alzeimer, etc. My only issue, is help with confirming symptoms. I remember him saying a couple of time how we often tend to associate too many things to MS. Medically, I agree with testing for other possible causes. But, for my sanity, but I tend to interpret it as non acknowledgement of my symptoms and I doubt.

I keep wondering if I should switch to a neurologist in an MS clinic.

Sue, I'm on Modafinil, 100mg a day. I had my prescription uped to 200mg, but find 200mg affects my sleep with no noticeable difference. Even the 100mg doesn't feel like it does much for me for cognition. It might actually help on the physical side, feeling less lethargic.
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