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Default A year later

I am looking for cooling products again!

Just an update on cooling during the ultra-marathon last September: I washed my face a couple of times in streams and dunked my cap being careful not to get the water dribbling down into my shoes, to avoid blisters.

Surprisingly, we pass near lakes and streams a few times, actually have to cross a few but the timing is not always the best. The hottest time was between 11am and 5pm and this period was the hardest: it was the hottest and only went close to water a couple of times.

I'm thinking of upgrading this year, for ultra-running, for training and other outings. Cooling cap or cooling scarf? Any suggestions?

In July, I'm doing the running leg of an "extreme" Ironman-distance triathlon. "Extreme" because the last 8 miles are up a mountain :-) I'll definitely need cooling then as it's in July and, although the swim starts at 4:30am, the 120 miles of cycling is very difficult and I don't expect to start running until afternoon, i.e. the hottest time of the day. The good part is that we have to be assisted by a crew (we meet with our crew car at different spots on the way) so they provide hydration, change of clothes, cooling or anything we plan. If I keep some cooling apparel in the car I can swap them a couple of times on the run.

Cooling is key! Last sunday I ran a half marathon. Temperatures were only between 40 and 50 F (5-10 C) and I had to dump four cups of water on my head and neck on the way and still felt hot. The people in front of me became more and more blurry in the last third of the race. A half marathon is quite intense which explains the raise in body temperature. Longer the distance are usually easier! ;-)
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