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Long time no post my friends - I have not been feeling it at some things are happening on the personal/MS front that have me stressed. I won't detail then here as this is my positive place!

Sue - that's great, congratulations and also thank you to your Hubby.

penkalet - That's great that you are getting out there! I wish I knew a way to make climbing on the trike easier or more pleasant. I have had some luck improving the "engine" and also with changing out the rear cassette with the biggest gears I would buy for hilly rides. I still go slow as molasses up hills but at least it feels less "hard" on my legs.

walkerhe09 - Wow 2 hours is a great goal, I wish you luck that you will achieve it!

Stewart - That's actually a great idea! I have been trying to do more up/down stairs as that seems so tough for me. Perhaps adding weights is the way to go.

As for me... The 6 Pillars Century ended up being a 67 mile ride for me. It was "cold" 55ish and VERY windy (about 30 mph at my head) so it was already pretty unpleasant. But then it started raining. At that point I was kind of concerned about hypothermia as we were already so cold, adding rain to that seemed bad. So I took the bail out that cut the century into more of a metric century. When we got back the finish area had flooded so we just went back to our car and never crossed the finish line!

Next up for me in mid June is the MS 150 - hopefully the weather is better for that. It was nice this weekend, though we were short of time on Saturday (first party in our new house, went great!) so we did 20 miles on Saturday and 30 on Sunday. After the bad time I had getting steroids on Tuesday I was very happy with that!
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