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Been reading faithfully everyone's training routines, and planned events....nice stuff.....

I especially enjoy the creativity we all seem to have developed to target those areas that are our weakest.... I've been, like Suebee, dealing with a very weak core for such a long time, and have been finding progress very very slow when doing the designated exercises that my PT and I agreed on. But one thing that I realized the other day, is that I may be, in a way, undoing my work, or at least, not putting these exercises into functional use as I need to. I always use my left hand on the rail when climbing stairs as this is the easier way for me. When I recently needed to use a right rail as there was no left rail, it was considerably harder as it always is, and FINALLY, the lightbulb went off in my head that since I feel the core muscles being used this way, that I just need to use the right rail MUCH more than I do. It definitely makes climbing harder, but I am engaging the very area that I feel is the weakest. So, I am starting to do this when I can...especially been doing this at home on my deck stairs, or even just the two steps into my house from the garage. Some days I have just used these two steps over and over to get the core engaged. This, in addition to the dynamic balancing exercises may be my ticket to gain SOME strength here... Fingers crossed.

Apart from that, I've been on the trike outside only a few times due to my free time and Mother Nature not being on the same page. I've decided to take all pressure off myself this season and just to enjoy the ride, challenge myself each time, but not to the point of getting myself dejected when I don't get in the ride I thought I needed to do. I'm liking this new approach... and it fits the trails that I ride now...just very rural, beautiful trails through farm country. Gotta keep challenging myself, but gotta have fun!

Oh! And I am happy to report that I am now devoted to my yoga class. Made four Monday 8am classes so far, and wow, all I can say, is WHAT took me so long???

Suebee, I also thank your husband for doing the BikeMS 150. Always very thankful for those riders who are not actual MSers....

And Marina, just giving you a shout out...steroids??? Hmmm, well, a hell of a lot of us have been that route, remember that you can come out the other side of this as strong... and remember that you have us to vent with.....We'll keep it a happy place, but we are your "buds" in this, aren't we??

Larry, have you run out of mountains to climb yet??
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