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Default Adapt and move forward

It's Saturday - and it's snowing - again. On the good news front, I managed two climbing days last week, I got 41 miles and 3400 ft. in on Sunday and 9.5 miles with 1300 ft. in on Tuesday. In light of the snow, it looks like I'll have to set my schedule back at least day or so this week. Well, if MS has taught me anything, it's to be adaptable.

The other problem with all of the snow we've been having, is the delay it's causing in riding at altitude. I really need to start riding at altitude if I want to have any chance of getting over three mountain passes in a day on the Triple Bypass. Like Gary has a problem with heat, I have a problem with altitude, but I know I can adapt, it just takes time. I also need to get to altitude to get in the ascents I want. The 18 inches of snow expected in the mountains isn't going to help.

I also injured myself in the weight room last week, strained a tendon in my elbow. Fortunately it isn't affecting my cycling. Going forward, I'll add reps and lighten the weight in hopes I can work through it, something I should have already done when the cycling intensity picked up. If not, I'll have to forgo the weights for a while.

Ah well, it's all part of the process. Control that which we can, adapt to that we can't, keep moving forward. Carry on everyone.

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