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Good to hear your update Larry, all that climbing sounds intense! I hope your strain is feeling better.

As for me - Last week I was in Vegas (for work and then fun) and upped my walked from 3-4K a day to 12-16K a day, For 5 days straight! And very little hip pain. Yay, I thought PT is working!

Well - maybe not as much as I had hoped. I did 4 miles in 25 minute on my bike on Tuesday (little pain but in the muscle which is where I want pain instead of in my cartilage) and a yoga class last night. Today my hip is really hurting.

This weekend I plan my "longest" ride and will try 10 miles. But my first century of the year was to be on Saturday - i canceled since I cant even bike 10 miles yet. Looking ahead to bikeMS - but I am sure I wont be doing the 2 day 150 miles. The shortest route is 30 miles and I feel very bratty in general so will see.
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