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Surgery sounds like bad news/good news. Bad news: surgery, Good news: it will get repaired, and you will ride again..pain free.

From my experience with major surgery two years ago, what helped me was to remember the goal, but also to get my mindset to viewing this as I would a training regime...and reminding myself that every day I get a little bit stronger. If you rally for a challenge, there you go! I see you as someone who DOES like a challenge, so this will serve you well.

Hard to remember that sometimes our bodies breakdown with non-MS specific related things..

Marina, I truly believe that you will come out of this stronger in will and body.... You may lose a season to it, but time will heal that and you will be back to those Centuries. And have a good War story to tell. It's your Double Century for this year...

You know you have so many of us hear cheering you on...
Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.
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