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Grady, I hope you get to try out an iSkiBike. There are only about 40 of them, as the manufacturer is a one person factory! Not many adaptive ski programs have them to offer, but I know that BOEC ( Breckenridge Outdoor Educational Center) and the adaptive program at Keystone has them for their students to take lessons on.

But in general, with the right instructor and adaptive equipment, I am sure you can pick this up easily. Of course, with your hip replacement you would talk to your doc about this. I had a fortunate run of no fall days, but I have fallen, and it isnít necessarily a soft landing. As Larry talked about with the other model ski bike, it can take a bit of body negotiation to get up!

But there are other pieces of equipment that people can use to ski. The woman I met there last year who also has MS uses a bi-ski, where you sit in a what is knicknamed a bucket. And you use short arm outriggers to steer your turns. She got to do her first black diamond this trip, and enjoyed playing on the half pipe!

And as I have learned , it may take several attempts to get the right equipment.....but ultimately so well worth it... Iíd definitely check out what is near you..... Go for it!
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