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Default AFO for running longer disances?

I am still training away for my Ironman in 34 days, but who's counting. I have a noodle AFO in a slight down position( plantarflextion?) for biking and a blue rocker for running. I am just coming in from my 3 hour run- I can go about 2 hours then it feels like someone is whacking the middle of my shin with a 2x4. I would hate to think I would get 1/2 or 3/4 way through the marathon and have to stop because of pain. I just went through a 3 day iv steroid treatment last week and now I have too much feeling in my leg. Maybe numb was better- but I digress.
Does anyone have any ideas suggestions? I have been back to the brace guy so many times he is out of ideas.
Thanks Jill

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