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Default ON and Mountain Biking

I am permanently monocular from a severe bout of ON in 2003, with my left eye I don't even make it on the eye chart, luckily my good eye is still perfect!

The switching from binary to mono vision must be distracting. I don't have that issue. It took some time but I have adapted to the lack of depth perception, and even better still enjoy some mountain biking. I even did a trip to the Rocky Mountains of British Colombia Canada and did some downhill.

To help adapt to mono vision this book has good tips:

"A Singular View: The Art of Seeing With One Eye" by Frank E. Brady

I was able to get a loaner from local library.

Tips for riding - as already mentioned, stay cool. When I am overheating I like to dump water on the back of my neck from my water bottle (backpack bladder for drinking, water bottle for cooling).

Go for quality not quantity - I have to keep my single track riding shorter than I would like. Example, in Fernie, BC did a couple of downhill runs, but when I started to feel the weakness and eye fatigue, while my companions enjoyed a few more runs, I called it a day and sat on the patio and had a few brews.

Practice off road skills in a safe environment - make use of a skills park if you can. I can ride skinny's, bridges, drops still, jumping I struggle with timing so no go there. It will help hone vision and confidence. This advice was given to me by another cyclist with MS/vision issues.

Know limits. Sucks but that's the reality of MS. yet at same time you can do more than you think.

I tend to do more tame tracks now, go for the trails with nice views rather than the narly stuff. just glad I can still get out there and do it. Also do more recreational road riding, going to do local MS Bike again this year.

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