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Default Thanks!

Hi All,

Thanks for your support & encouragement. The handy tips are invaluable, too.

I have been out on the bike twice now, and I'm just about to go out again. BH is being very patient (he's fighting the urge to tear off at speed - rather than wait for me & help me out - I know how he feels...).

The temperature & light levels have increase massively over the past week, and at the mo, I think I just have to accept that singletrack isn't really an option for me. Saying that, we are just about to tackle one of the more well known bridleways around here....but it's not too technical.

Karen it's good to know monocularity doesn't hamper a dedicated mtber! You go, girl! When my vision was really poor, I bought myself an eyepatch (Avaast, Jim laaad, before I cleave you in twain from yer navel to yer gizzard...pass me the rum...), and started adapting to one-eyed life. But then my eye woke up a bit. I suppose, if the Uhthoff's doesn't go away, then it might be an eyedea (sorry..) to practice with the patch again & see if I can retrain the brain? Or would this just be too confusing for my tiny little mind?

Anyway, Alpine singletrack holiday is cancelled. (Boooo!) and apparently I can't have a new bike for my 40th birthday this summer (BOOOOOO!!). I shall now go and have a full on tantrum in a supermarket, and return to my 3 year old self, when life was much more simple!

Or, I could just work on the BH and try & make him realise that there are bikes that are specifically made for road use, and this can also be loads of fun......Weeeeeeeee!

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