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Default ON recovery

My bout of ON started sep 2003, was so bad was completely non light perceptive for about a month in left eye. Then some slight improvement over the next few weeks, but there has been virtually no further improvement after six months post ON attack (2004) I don't even make it on the eye chart with left (counting fingers) but lucky good eye still 20.

took me about a year to get to point where I can say fully adapted.....still drive (have a special review mirror), back to full time work, riding, not bumping into walls/doorways, and to get to point where I 'forget'.

Forgot to mention previous, For biking, if I'm doing a new trail I get off and walk it first and get a good look.

Work I use magnification software and large print to reduce eye strain/fatigue.

Hope yours recovers more and settles soon....the changes are disorienting!

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