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I am right there with you jjmagpin!! I'm tired of not doing stuff and ready to get myself a set of wheels!

In fact, I logged in this morning just to post some info that I think looks good (I'll do that in a separate thread). But, to your question -- I've been researching a manual folding wheelchair. I've decided on an ultralight model I found on

It's important to get someone who knows what they're doing to measure you before you purchase something. I like the TiLite Aero X Series 2. It weighs 16lbs (before you start adding stuff). I'm going to purchase a basic seat cushion for now and upgrade if my use merits it. Cushions are a critical piece in wheelchair use.

I called spinlife this morning to ask some questions about the customization options, but there isn't an ultralight specialist available today.

You'll want to do your research. If there is a vendor in the area that might have some chairs on hand you could go see what they look like. (spinlife is online only which is probably why their prices are reasonable). I highly recommend talking to a physical therapist or mobility specialist too.

Good luck and happy shopping! I see freedom in your future!

p.s. I bought sidestix too after reading the review here - never regretted it - they are my best mobility aid right now.


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