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While the folding chairs are nice, I find that the drive wheels are so small and thin on most, that getting the thing stuck in the sand/dirt etcetera to be a real problem.

I use a pair of Jazzy Jet 3 chairs. My "going to church" chair is stock. I only use it when going out in public.

My "work" chair, has after market, deep treaded knobby tires, and a rotationally molded seat from a dune buggy. This makes the chair impervious to damage from sharp items on the farm, as well as goat hooves and teeth!

Folding chairs are sure nice, but if you want to be active in the outdoors, you'll appreciate the extra traction and support that larger, wider wheels provide.

2 inch receiver hitches can be fitted cheaply to almost any vehicle, and while I welded up my own chair carrier, there are many options, from custom, to simple units sold by Harbor Freight.
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