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Hi gang!
It is so comforting to read about you all taking a break from the more intense training at the same time that I do! So I guess it's ok, huh? And I see we are all gearing up for starting in again with our routines for the winter months.... Also, something I needed to read...

Dave: I give you, and anyone who uses a gym or club to exercise so much credit...I have never been good at going to one on a sustained basis. And as a result have dumbbells all over my living room floor! Well, not exactly all over, but prominent in the decor.....

Teena Marie: Glad to hear you are back with your swimming in your marvelous pool. As you can gather from my comment to Dave, I love home based exercising! Just cuts down on all the ridiculous factors ( or excuses...) that can get in the way....

Larry: Boy, those pylometric exercises sound totally intimidating to me! But, you go for it! I only WISH I could jump over a towel side ways!! Now concerning side planks, I am right there with you.... my PT got me on a regime of planks, front and side, and I am totally addicted to them....I have modification on top of modification in order to be able to do them, but am pushing through these as I also see the necessity of having a stronger core. I see the improvement in "little" things, like turning in bed, and turning in a chair to, for example, pick up an item on a table next to me. I never realized how I was hooking my good foot around the chair leg to keep my balance instead of relying on my core.... I'm now aware of this, and am keeping from doing this..... making my core do the work instead...Actually gives me some extra incidental training....

I am still transitioning into Inside Cycling training. Just today got the accessory I need to make my trike's 16 " rear wheel able to be fitted to my trainer. Hopefully within the week I will install this, and get the trike in the house/on the trainer.

I can't fully express how grateful I am to have all of you to bounce around ideas and report progress....What I need to get thru life with MS? My meds, my exercises, and my "peeps"!!!
Thanks guys!
Be thankful. Dream Big. Never Give Up.
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