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Default FDA approved new FES device

NEW FES Device gets FDA approval. Bioness’ L300 Go System electrical-stimulation rehabilitation device for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients and others with walking impairment. Initially, the system will be available only at medical facilities. Home availability is targeted for late 2017. excerpt from: https://multiplesclerosisnewstoday.c...r-ms-patients/

PRess Release says "Multi-channel stimulation is an additional noteworthy L300 Go feature that allows clinicians to precisely control the amount of dorsiflexion and inversion/eversion the system provides. Using a new, proprietary electrode, medial and lateral stimulation can be adjusted independently. This more efficient fitting process saves valuable time and facilitates more productive therapy sessions. excerpt From:

I guess, proof will be in the pudding on this sounds like a more efficient biones that is already out there which is restricted to foot drop candidates.
(My foot only drops when fatigued or to just a small degree as evidenced by worn sole & soul .)
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