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Oh my gosh LMH, that is awesome! I begged three different PTs to help me to use a FES unit and no dice. I think liability reasons prevents and because there are little empirical evidence.
Dr. Wahls got a PT to help her and she adivises patients to get direction for PTs. So I guess it is hit or miss.

My core weakness is being particularly problematic rt now. I have gone back to work and I'm getting back and ab spasms (where ab six pack should be but isn't. I've tried tilting desk chair back. That is good to rest core, but one can't do much in reclined position, other than look like you are taking a break.

So, I was thinking about buying the ab belt that was the article I linked long ago and was evaluated by non involved drs and found to strengthen abs. the price for an experiment, though has stopped me from the purchase so far. I'll keep you posted....
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