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Larry. The typical max heart rate, 100% effort, for someone 69 is ... 151. And you averaged eleven beats ABOVE that? For nearly an HOUR?! Jesus, I knew you were a beast, but holy cow.

My last training ride had me in the mid 140s for short stretches, but mostly hovered in the 120s. I too notice that when it is hot, my HR stays elevated. Even after a water break I can get into the cardio zone in seconds, even if that wasn't my intention! For that reason I've tried adding more cooling breaks so I can go longer (and harder for HIIT).

Then I saw on FB the MS marathoner Cheryl, who on her San Fran race was in her 90%+ zone for 17 minutes, and THREE HOURS in her 80-90% zone, averaging in the 150s. My god, I'm glad I don't compare myself with MS friends.

Do what you can, folks. I'd love to hear about heart rates below the stratosphere....
Dave Bexfield
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