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A little update before I take off for the "Dark Continent". All is well although it took a couple of weeks to get back to normal after my last Rituxan infusion. I'm sure I only notice it because I really do try to keep my exercise intensity up. I'll have to ask my docs why the Rituxan would do that to a system that is already substantialy B-cell depleted.

At any rate I'm still getting between 5 and 7 rides in every two weeks and getting good Hitt sessions on at least three of those. I've also been walking more, in fact my last walk was a little over 2 miles but I couldn't have done it without the AFO and a cane. Also still doing yoga and stretching sessions. All in all, I don't think I could be any more ready for a trip to Africa!

Dave, I do have a considerably higher than average max heart rate but my resting heart rate, an important marker, is in the mid 50's. It's just another one of those things that is different for each individual. My docs don't seem to be concerned about it but they do keep me current on testing to assure that I don't blow a gasket. Actually I have slowed down a bit these last few years, pushing too hard can be hazardous, particularly as we age.

Karen, my buddy and I are using Training Peaks. We're both big Joel Friel fans. My buddy's efforts are phenomenal, makes me look like a piker! He is proving that an almost 70 yo can increase strength through intensity although it requires a little more recovery time. It's encouraging for an equally as old MSer. Since I might not get back early enough, good luck on the MS ride later this month!

Veronica, hope you've been able to get out. I love the idea of concentrating on riding for fun. And it sounds like getting involved with your ride planning committee could be a super constructive way to do that! BTW, I'm getting clobbered by e-bikes around here. Got passed by a chick on a comfort bike the other day. Gave her a couple minutes then tried to pull her back but every time I got to within about 25 feet of her she took off until I finally gave up. Got passed by about 6 other bikes that day. I could see and/or hear the e-motors on at least some of them.

One last thing, I've been keeping my rides pretty close to home recently because of the heat. While cruising down the trail one day, a large peregrine falcon flew past me and landed in a tree near by. I almost crashed into someone watching her! The following day I saw her smaller mate but he didn't stop. They seem to be hanging out around a golf course that borders the two trails I ride most frequently and they are providing a little more incentive to get out. I hope they hang around.

Back in a couple of weeks, stay with it guys,


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