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Default MS Bike Tour

Local MS Bike Tour was this weekend, did the 50km (short) option on Saturday with our team. We had strong head winds on the way out but that turned into a tailwind for the ride back, and other than a flat tire from a roofing staple, 10 km from the finish, which we were able to swap out with a spare tube and finish the ride. There were 350 riders and over $300,000 raised. We had a great dinner and presentations on Saturday. I was tenting and had a few scary moments as high winds and rain woke me up a couple of times during the night but luckily my tent held firm. Sunday morning there was only a slight drizzle for the start of the ride. Unfortunately I had yet another flat this time I. The front tire just 5k into the ride and I had no more spares. It was also starting to rain harder, so I called it a day and told my team to carry on while I grabbed a SAG vehicle ride back the the start. Overall a great weekend, there’s already talk of next year from the team.

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