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Hi all, I'm Krista I'm 26 years old and was diagnosed 3 years ago after 8 months of getting the run around. I woke up one morning blind in my right eye and freaked out, went to the ER and they called in the nicest opthamalogist! He was just visiting UNMH but he was great. Explained to me about optic neuritis and what it might signify. I went back a week late and got an MRI which didn't show any lesions but did show a growth on my pituitary gland so months of seeing an endocrinologist and it disapated but my sight kept going and coming. I saw a neurologist but he was kind of an idiot, told me I had a 70% chance that it wouldn't turn out to be MS and 30% that it would. I liked those odds but it turns out he had the numbers backwards! So after a spinal tap and an excrutiating week after the results were in! Along with the lesions they found on another MRI they determined MS. I imediatly was put into the Combi study and have been ever since! Although I had to get off the drugs for a year since I got pregnant, i had my daughter on January 30th and 6 months later got back on the drugs. And have been having one relapse after another! 4 since June 08! So that is my story! Hope all of you are doing well
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