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Ron, my own story is pretty similar. I spent a couple of years moving into a more progressive form of MS which I finally seem to have gotten under control with Rituxan. I do believe exercising through that period helped minimize damage but getting the MS under control is definitely critical to actually recovering any function. Finally last year I was able to make some progress. Good luck with the training and all your runs.

Last week was a bust on the bike. It snowed exactly one week ago and only warmed up enough in the last couple of days to melt much of it. Didn't get any cycling in. But I did stay busy. My last cycling day was a week ago Saturday, followed by snow shoveling on Sunday. Monday was a weight session at the club and Tuesday was a fairly brutal hour on the elliptical. Wednesday was yoga and Thursday was a day off because I was beat. Friday I walked, did yoga and a weight session but yesterday I mostly just puttered around the house.

Temps are finally improving so I should be able to get out on the bike today, it's time to start facing down a few short hills.

I like the idea of heading for a camp south of here if temps don't improve soon. I can imagine that would be a great launch into the new season.

I did find a training schedule for the triple bypass. It's basically two climbing days per week, one short easy ride and one long easy ride. I'm finding I can do 3 to 4 days of pretty intensive work in a row but then I need at least two days to recover, possibly not the optimum formula for making progress. In short, I've still got some experimenting to do but I think I am on the right track.

Also, I signed up for the Colorado MS ride! Ahhh, commitment.

Here's hoping for a few more rideable days in the coming weeks ,

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