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Originally Posted by pawpaw View Post
I thought you were resting??? It is hard to resist decent weather at this time of year.
We are having way too much wind for me. I can't ride in 30mph gusts.
I am doing an 8 week- 3 day a week- winter spinning class sponsored by the BCC. It sounds pretty intense- lactate threshold determination, etc.

I did take 6 weeks off the bike. Did eliptical and weight work a couple of times per week trying to maintain fitness. But now it's a new year, I got a new bike, a new bike fit and the weather has been incredible so obviously, it's time to get started again.

I thought my plan from last year was good but I'm going to include more climbing workouts and try to keep up the weight training and elliptical a little longer this year. I've already registered for a couple of MS 150's and the Triple Bypass and even if I don't get selected for the Triple, I'm going to train for it.

Got 3 hours and 45 miles with 1600 ft of ascent in so far this week. Shooting for 6 hours per week by the end of January, 8 by the end of February. We haven't had much snow yet but if it does come, I'll be on the spin cycle with you and Marina.

Feeling a need to climb something,
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