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Made it into the Triple Bypass for the 2nd day reverse route which is still 120 miles. The bad news is that the west to east route has 400 extra feet of ascent for a total of about 10,400 ft. The good news is that the wind usually blows west to east so there is a chance we'll get a push. Looks like climbing, climbing and more climbing in store. Oh Boy, I Can’t Wait!

Jim, I'm sure I will get back to Dallas for a MS ride someday. However, there is a little voice in my head that keeps telling me that there will never be a better time to try to do the climbs than the present. So, with any luck, it'll be a while before I opt for the less hilly courses. But if you keep doing the ride, I will undoubtedly get there one day. Meanwhile, you'd always be welcome up here.

Marina, you are soooooo well on your way! I'm thinking we'll all be very pleasantly surprised at how well you do this year. Enjoy the ride Marina, one of these days those “hills of death” won’t be so bad, you’ll see. Let's also make a pact, no more crashes, it's just too hard on the bod.

I noticed a link on the Bike MS web sites under training for "Training Peaks" and actually, signed up for it last year. Joe Friel, one of the foremost endurance trainers in the field, runs that training program. Especially if you're new to Bike MS but even if you're experienced, this is an excellent program. I found it particularly nice to have someone tell me exactly what I should be doing each day, even if it was only via a daily e-mail. There was just something about being told what to do and just blindly doing it that was much easier than trying to figure things out for myself each training day. If you're doing one of these rides, you owe it to yourself to check it out and besides, it's free!

Oh yea, and for my training this week, a little elliptical, a little weight training but mostly, I just shoveled snow

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