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Originally Posted by pawpaw View Post
Larry- We may be in Colorado during the Triple bypass. We are considering going to the Keystone area for a week of cycling right after the 4th of July.
My spinning training program starts tomorrow at 7am at one of the local YMCAs. It is good that I signed up for something as I can't seem to motivate myself to do anything except eat.

Pell, That should be good timing, the Triple is the 15th so from about the 8th on, Ill taper with a few moderate intensity rides and as much time as possible at altitude. If you like, you guys could join us for the Loveland Pass leg of the Triple, more if you want!
The MS 150 is June 30 - July 1, if you come a few days earlier we could do that together. Weve got plenty of room at the house and, as an added plus, accommodations come complete with a lap cat!
Eating is good, how did the spin class go?

Jim, ever give any thought to the Triple or Ride the Rockies? Im thinking about RTR next year, either one should be good Iron Man training.

Got a good ride in yesterday, 32 miles in 2:20 including 1,400 ft. of climbing over rolling hills and just enough wind to keep things challenging.

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