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Default Back at it after a setback

Haven't posted in a while. Here's why. In October I walked down stairs in my house to check things before going to bed. Didn't turn the light on (because I'm sometimes an idiot). Had one more step to go, but thought I was on the ground. Took a confident step forward and crashed into the wall opposite the stairs and snapped my arm in half. A real mess, but not MS-related. Surgery with plate and screws and 3+ months later, I'm back at the gym. Slowly. And painfully. Lots of muscle atrophy with prescribed rest, so starting over almost at the beginning. I'm doing the intervals I described one day, lifting with lower body the next day, and lifting with upper body the third day, rinse, repeat.

I've been back in the gym about a month. My range of motion on the broken wing is almost back. I've put on 15 pounds due to inactivity and the Holidays and working to get that off. I have another 5-6 weeks until my surgeon will let me golf. This is humbling because I lost so much progress, but it's just time and effort, and I've got loads of those both. I guess the message here is that this is a journey and if you decide that you're never giving up, you just keep competing. Period.
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