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Default Cardio interval update

I wanted to provide an update on training:
1. I dialed my intervals back to 8 minutes each. As I got closer to 10 minutes, I noticed feeling sluggish and fear I may have been overtraining. I will stay here going forward and look to slowly increase intensity by the week/month.
2. I am doing at least 5 sets of both elliptical and rope training each day. If I feel strong on a particular day I do 6.
3. I am resting 4-7 minutes between sets. With MS, it's so important to not go over the cliff on your energy.
4. I am still working out every other day and continuing to improve. I'm noticing that I can do a bit more at the same heart rate each week.
5. I am slowly increasing the resistance level on the elliptical trainer. For example, going up one level for one of the sets on one day. Then going up to that level for 2 sets after that. Then continue until I can do all of them at that level. I start with the last set of the day(the 5th or 6th or 7th one.) I'm getting a bit better definition on both upper and lower body. My goal is to lose fat to be less impacted by Summer heat and to be able to do more things easier.

Remember, Summer bodies are made in the Winter. You can do this. If you're reading this, you have to try it.

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